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Transfer Process - Discovery Gardens

Discussion in 'Dubai property' started by aazain, Apr 23, 2008.

  1. aazain

    aazain New Member

    I have just purchased a unit in DG (from a unit owner, not the building owner) and have been told by my agent that inorder to transfer the title to my name I'll have to meet up with the building owner who will create sale contract between the seller and myself and that Nakheel will not be involved in the process....

    Is this correct? Can someone please shed more light on the process of trasferring title for units in DG and who are the parties involved and what documents are involved and what should i do to ensure that i don't get cheated.
  2. Roshan

    Roshan New Member

    Who is the agent you are dealing with. Is he a Better homes kind of an agent. You are safe when you are with the top big agents.

  3. mpat

    mpat New Member

    You need to meet up with the owner at Nakheel office and nakheel is the one to transfer the papers to your need to pay 2% transfer charges unless the owner asked the all inclusive price.
  4. Doobedoo

    Doobedoo New Member

    I bought a unit in Disco Gardens through one of the big agents (Landmark) from the building owner and everything has been arranged at arms length without me actually meeting with the owner. I believe the current owner will have to liase with Nakheel to create a new Sale & Purchase agreement with Nakheel which you will then be asked to sign. My advice would be to speak to the seller and clearly understand the process before you hand over the cash and possibly speak to Nakheel about the unit in question / owner in question to make sure it's all legit. Good Luck
  5. aazain

    aazain New Member

    Thanks for the info Doobedo,

    I did call Nakheel but their service is poor, they tell me to speak directly with bulding owner, they say Nakheel doesnt deal directly with unit owners.

    By the way at what price did u buy your unit and what was the area?
  6. Doobedoo

    Doobedoo New Member

    No worries - I bought that unit (its the Mediterranean area - V building) way back in August 2006 for 350k. Cheers
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