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Transfer Of Appartment in Land Department ?

Discussion in 'Dubai property' started by barkati, Apr 19, 2008.

  1. barkati

    barkati New Member

    I want your help. Please tell me onething I bought apartment in International City in England Cluster and it is transferred on my name in VAKSON but still it is not transfer on my name from NAKHEEL and I hear now a days NAKHEEL are not doing transfer it ... Only Land Department will do transfer ? Land Department is start to transfer the International City Apartment ?


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  2. pista2001au

    pista2001au New Member

    You better check it with somebody!!! If you go over to the morroccan blog you will see that nakheel hasn't got the slightest intention of doing it, apperantly under the instructions from the land department (pretty nasty if you come to think of it especially after I have paid the land transfer and other fees to nakheel already). Worse still that the attorney, we all had to give power to, is not replying at all.
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