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Touch of Paradise Country Club?

Discussion in 'Turkey property' started by Big Phil, Mar 18, 2008.

  1. Big Phil

    Big Phil New Member

    Hi Again

    We are looking at A Touch of Paradise Country Club. Does anyone know anymore details about it i.e. location? Also, they are offering guaranteed rental of 10% per annum for the first 2 years. This seems like a good deal but i'm wary there may be a catch that I am missing!
    Any feedback, good or bad, would be much appreciated!

    Cheers Phil
  2. Lysos

    Lysos New Member


    You say you are looking at this development, then ask where it is !?!.

    You need to do some serious research yourself before asking questions on here, or agents might get the impression you are 'easy' prey.

    There is a vast oversupply of property in holiday resorts in Turkey, and as has been said by the previous poster (and many others on this and other forums) rental guarantees, whether in Turkey or elsewhere are factored into the price, so you are in effect getting your own money back, on which you may have to pay tax !!!!.
  3. Mabassa

    Mabassa New Member

    A Touch of Paradise

    Hi Phil,

    I recently bought a villa in the development you're interested in (A Touch of Paradise Country Club) and am going out there myself next week to see the place and meet the people.

    I'll be happy to fill you in on everything I see and hear when I'm there. However, this is the first message I've posted and I'm not sure how much I can do here so I'll just give you my e-mail address at the same time. It's richardjgstephen at hotmail (com not uk).

    This issue of rental income is a 'biggie', of course and I can't see how anyone can truly guarantee you of anything. I've just been through all this with another place I own in Spain. It all looked great 3/4 years ago but now it's not looking quite so clever. As I see it, you've got to be prepared to invest more than you thought you would and almost certainly lose money in the short term. And to make it all worthwhile in the longer term, don't just leave it to the property rental websites to attract tenants. That will work but you'll also need a very good manager and then put in a great deal of effort yourself to 'spread the word'. Or at least, that's how I see it!

    I hope this is a help and doesn't put you off completely!

  4. welsh dragon

    welsh dragon New Member


    hi. What did you buy and for what price? Pleased? Where exactly is this dev. Agree totally with your comments re renting.
  5. Mabassa

    Mabassa New Member

    A Touch of Paradise Country Club

    Hi Welsh Dragon,

    I bought a 4 bedroomed villa in Phase I of a development called 'A Touch of Paradise Country Club' in Akbuk, near Didim/Altinkum. Not 100% sure but price was approx. GBP140K a couple of years ago and I paid 'up front'. I'm glad I did that because I then avoided the difficulties some of the 'partly paid' people have had with the same development (disagreements over what was understood to be the payment schedule; how much was to be paid and when etc., etc.)
    The developers have been fine with me personally and, especially in the present economical climate, it's been quite a relief to see that every time I've been out to look at my place, there's been a little more progress. As everywhere now, I think their working capital MUST be under pressure so I think we all need to be reasonable and give them a chance. I mean, is it realistic to expect a big return on capital in any less than a few years now?!
    I'm quietly confident of some rental income this year but, if necessary, am quite prepared to let family and friends stay for free this year just to get it established and promote it. Medium to long term, I think it has possibilities. (Also, I've just had a message to say my title deeds are ready for collection.)
    Not sure if it's allowed here but if you want to take a look, I took some pictures last time I went out and put them on my Facebook page. You can see them there.
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