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    Oxford 26 January 2009 - International real estate investment specialists Property Frontiers have named their top six property investment hotspots for 2009 – and the list contains some surprises. Panama, the Central American republic tops the list due to a strong economy, a favourable tax regime and offshore banking attracting businesses from across the globe. Investors can choose a variety of different options, from hotels enjoying high occupancy rates, to offices, and beachside resorts. The expansion of the Panama Canal looks set to underpin future economic growth.

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    Expansion of the Panama Canal?

    You´ll have to excuse me because it is late and I am feeling flippant, but would still like to know where they are expanding the Panama Canal to?

    If they extend it on the Pacific side, the first stop is New Zealand, and if you extend it on the Atlantic coast, you could feasibly end up in Wales. So, has the economic future of Panama got anything to do with sheep?:confused:

    Anybody else have any suggestions?
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    Well Andyk2, I will indulge you in this instance. They are expanding it SIDEWAYS in order to take larger vessels. If you google Panamax you will find that the canal built in the 1900's has been outgown by ever larger size ships. The expansion will take the form of three locks to take much larger ships and therefore increase trade and revenue to Panama. The expansion is projected to cost $5.25 billion and maintain Panama's position as hub of all trade in central and South America

    Hope this helps,
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    Isnt good to see work actually happening in a country. All I ever hear these days is of construction in some shape of form stopping.

    Maybe Panama is a hot spot after all!!

    We must get some of those out of work Spin Doctors to Panama.

    Then again we dont need them.

    If any one has any more interesting question on Panama please post them.

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