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    If you want to know the full story on this subject, I strongly recommend that you all read & digest the following report published by the International Peace Research Institute, Oslo (PRIO):-

    "The politics of Property in Cyprus", by Ayla Gurel & Kudret Ozersay.

    It gives a totally neutral, impartial & above all unbiased insight into perhaps the most contentious & emotive aspect of the Cyprus problem. It is by far the best piece of writing on this subject I have come across.

    Here's to a reunited Cyprus. Happy reading, everyone!!

    Cornholio :)
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  3. Thanks for this information !
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    Thanks for the information! By the way, is Cornholio your actual name?! If so that is a quality name!!!
  5. how do i download ?

    I've looked at the site and have seen the reports detailed, but I just cant seem to find how to read / download them !! Any tips ??

    Thanks !! :))
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    Download steps

    1. Log into site.

    2. Click heading "Research & Publications".

    3. Click "Cyprus centre" hyperlink.

    4. Click title of report you wish to read.

    5. Click "download" facility.


    Cornholio :)

    P.S. Cornholio is the alter-ego of the MTV cartoon character "Beavis" (remember "Beavis & Butt-head"?). Quality alias or what!!
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