Titanic Aqua Park

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  1. propertywatch1

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    Hello Everybody
    Here are some photo's from inside the Titanic Aqua Park these were taken today at around 3pm. Looks better than i thought lots for all the family to do.

    Prices are as follows

    10-5pm Adult (12 years +)
    $30 or 24 euros or 180 le

    Child 0-6 is Free
    Child 6-12 is $15 or 12 euros or 90 le

    2-5pm Adult (12 years +)
    $20 or 16 euros or 120 le

    Child 6-12 is $12 or 9.5 euros or 72 le

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  2. propertywatch1

    propertywatch1 <b>Official Photographer</b>

    More photographs thought you would like to see them all give the children (even the big children) out there something to look forward to when they visit Hurghada.

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  3. Peter Mitry

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    Thanks Derek

    Is this the aqua park opposite Sara's Residence? It's quite expensive for Egypt don't you think - its only 30€ for adults here in Spain. I would have thought 180LE would be a bit steep for the average Egyptian family with two or three kids over 6.
  4. propertywatch1

    propertywatch1 <b>Official Photographer</b>

    No the one opposite Sara's Residency is the Sinbad Aqua park. This one is close to Magawish and Mubarak 6 . It is part of the Titanic Hotel. But i agree the price is a bit on the high side.

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