Tips for Real Estate SEO Success



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1. Take The Time To Research Keyword Variations. A great way to explore new keyword ideas is to add them to Google Adword’s Keyword Planner.
2. Focus On Your Website First and Foremost Armed with keyword data, you can go page by page through your website and make appropriate changes to the Page Title (Title Tag),Meta Descriptions, headers and body copy of each page.
3. Take Control of Your Google Plus Page. Any company that operates locally should understand the importance of having a G+ page for their business location.
4. Encourage Your Clients To Review You. Google respects websites that receive online reviews.
5. Submit Your Website To Directories. Getting your website in as many local business directories as possible will gradually help improve your search engine rankings.
6. Utilize Your Personal Network and Local Resources. Because location is the base of every one of your target keywords, a link from your local chamber of commerce, library, university, book club, etc.
7. Make Use of Your Blog. For me, the best part about doing real estate SEO work is the plethora of topics to write about. Remember Quality content is KING! Make sure you include your targeted keywords
8. Build Up Resources For Your Community. What is your local area known for? What information can you provide that’s useful and relevant to your local community? If you know that your local community is known for their wineries, create a custom Google Map charting out all the wineries in your area and add it to your website.

Kindly share more of your ideas and SEO strategies for real estate success.


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Very good points, Search engines have been developed overtime and this simple means new techniques and strategies for real estate SEO


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Right now i'm using PPC than SEO, and it really take a lot of money. Doing SEO is much more better for long-term because if you rank it in the top and no one outranks you, you'll be banking really hard depending on your keyword.


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Real Estate keywords from google SEO would be hard because there are really many branded site to compete with. :)


It's good, but what do you think about Black Hat SEO?


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first you need to use low competition keywords and start working and gradually increase to high competitions. long tail keywords has low competition. The most important key factor is use local citation for your site.


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The Research Keyword Variations is a best way to explore new keyword ideas is to add them to Google Adword’s Keyword Planner.


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You want to focus on providing amazing content about neighborhoods that can’t be found anywhere else. The smaller your neighborhood is; the quicker you’ll see your blog post or neighborhood page rise to the top of Google!

various ways you can use a blog to ultimately grow the number of leads you get from search every month. Blogging is where you write down content that probably answers a question for a potential buyer or seller. You want to focus on the type of blogging that is educational in nature.

For example, you could write about the top 10 restaurants in one part of town. Or your special home marketing system. The fact is that people want to research everything about you before they talk to you. And if you help them find a bunch of interesting things out before they meet you, you stand a better chance at ultimately earning their business.

Make more videos does a lot of things for your business. You can have your videos found through online searches.

Your videos can be embedded in blog posts on your website. And you can use your videos to help current clients out when they have repetitive questions.
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Nicholas Wallwork

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Nice tip Paradise... Ultimately good quality, interesting content is king! I hope we can provide that and help educate people in property investment wherever they are in their journey...


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Some interesting comments!

I think it is important to gather a deep knowledge of some subjects (and market these via SEO) rather than try to cover everything. That way you can build up a reputation :)


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Excellent focuses, Search motors have been grown additional time and this straightforward methods new procedures and systems for land SEO