Tips for buying property or home



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if you want to know how to know dispute property then you should have to contact his all family member and his neighbour why that person's want to sale property what is matter finally your answer will be clear


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There are many scenarios that arise in the real estate business. Suppose, if the property you are willing to buy is under construction, then you have to request the builder for a letter of allotment otherwise a development agreement. This document details information such as the price, construction timeline, house framework and completion date. It also states the liability of the builder if he fails to construct the house on time. Upon the payment of deposits, the builder hands over this document to the buyer.

In the event if you are set to buy a readymade property like a flat then you need to make sure that the seller has the title deed, absolute rights and right to transfer property to your name. Moreover, verify if the building has followed BMC, tax and other rules. All legal documents should be original and has to be acquired from the builder.
Thanks for sharing the tips, which need to be looked after before investing in the real estate, including both the criteria you have shared i.e flats under construction and ready made flats. Very useful information.


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Tips shared by you for home buying is very informative. Thanks for sharing such type of nice post.


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There are many tips which we have to check before buying a property....
-Checking Property Documents
-Be sure about Loan before buying
-Area which you select means in future whether there will be development or not
-Whether they are providing good amenities or not
-Check surroundings whether it is near to schools,hospitals....


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before buying any property just search any brokerage free service, so that they can help you in buying any new property without any brokerage fees.