Tips for buying property or home

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  1. miler

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    Tips for Buying property:-
    1. Local research
    2 .Be financially prepared
    3. Mortgage rates of different financer ( if you want to finance your project)
    4. Property market and structural survey
    5. Control your emotions while buying or sell any property.
    6. See real document of the property never accept xerox copy
    7.Know the reason of selling the property by seller
    8.Never buy the property with any dispute
  2. markhenry

    markhenry New Member

    Hi!, Thanks sharing these helpful basic tips...for other countries same tips can be followed..
  3. plic

    plic New Member

    Always also when you buy a real estate look for your personal reason invest to make money or buy the home where you want to live in
  4. aahnagupta

    aahnagupta New Member

    Things that need to check while Buying Property

    Property type (Residential, commercial, etc.)
    Area of the Plot
    Preferred floor·
    Preferred Location (park/road facing etc.) ·
    Preferred Locality Property ownership (lease/free hold) ·
    Price range
    Room sizes
    Builder's/Govt. properties
    Servant Quarter
    Other requirements : like distances from Bus/Rly station/Airport, Schools,
    Markets etc.
  5. may123

    may123 New Member

    Thank you for these great information.
  6. bryansmo12

    bryansmo12 New Member

    Mortgage rates of different financer
    Be financially prepared
    Reason behind selling property
  7. sonam.kumari

    sonam.kumari New Member

    There are many scenarios that arise in the real estate business. Suppose, if the property you are willing to buy is under construction, then you have to request the builder for a letter of allotment otherwise a development agreement. This document details information such as the price, construction timeline, house framework and completion date. It also states the liability of the builder if he fails to construct the house on time. Upon the payment of deposits, the builder hands over this document to the buyer.

    In the event if you are set to buy a readymade property like a flat then you need to make sure that the seller has the title deed, absolute rights and right to transfer property to your name. Moreover, verify if the building has followed BMC, tax and other rules. All legal documents should be original and has to be acquired from the builder.
  8. totallyproperty

    totallyproperty Administrator Staff Member

    The issue of legal documents is something which many people in the past have taken for granted. However, unfortunately many of these investors have lived to pay the price therefore we cannot stress strongly enough how important it is to get the correct original documentation.

    There is no point cutting corners and trying to do all of the legal work yourself, bring in the experts, take professional advice and ensure that you cover your back.
  9. sharma

    sharma Banned

    This can be very useful for many.. would like people to add more points to this.
  10. shilpa

    shilpa Banned

    Thank you for this informative post.

    It would be great if there is a rating system in the property portal.
    Check the location Advantages.
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  11. leonch

    leonch New Member

    Great tips for buying a home or property. I would like to add a few tips plan your budget, property inspection etc.
  12. RameshYadav

    RameshYadav New Member

    There are more important things when you buy a new property with list of facilities like



    Fire Alarm



    Children's Play Area


    Swimming Pool

    Visitor's parking

    There are important things and also legal documentations.
  13. shilpa

    shilpa Banned

    Thank you for this informative post.

    It would be great if there is a rating system in the property portal.
    Check the location Advantages.
  14. kiranmenon

    kiranmenon New Member

    Hey how will you know if the property is in dispute... ?
  15. Shivashish

    Shivashish New Member

    It would be the biggest purchase of your life and small mistakes can cost large.I would say Location would be the key factor to be considered when thinking to buy property and also look at your budget and determine how a house fits into it.
  16. rubina2013

    rubina2013 New Member

    Thanks for sharing these tips.
  17. keystone properties

    keystone properties New Member

    1. Know your builder: Whether the builder constructed sufficient number of projects to establish a reputation or no.
    2. Know the project: Is the project located in an area of your decision?
    3 .Always go for home-loans from reputed financial institution
    4. Read all the documents before signing
    5. Go and talk to the last completed project of the builder and talk to the owners
  18. PunitBagla

    PunitBagla New Member

    It is often said that there are only three things to consider when buying property - location, location and location. Property should be an investment which will continue to grow in value in the years to come. Always research an area thoroughly and consider the following when purchasing property:

    - Always look at the surrounding areas - what sort of infrastructure exists, how good or bad is the security of the area?

    - Ensure that you are comfortable with the commute to work and the distance and time that you will spend on the road each day.

    - Try to purchase property in a good school district. This advice applies even if you don't have school-age children. When it is time to sell, strong school districts are often a top priority for many home buyers, thus helping to boost property values.

    - Always be on the lookout for facilities that can create unwanted noise or disturbances in the area.

    If the preferred area is too pricey, consider buying in an adjoining area. Buying a home that needs some work is another option as this can be done over time.
  19. cherryauston

    cherryauston New Member

    its a good tips for us to buying property and spend money in real estate...thnku for giving tips.
  20. Rishika KSP

    Rishika KSP New Member

    Know Whether the builder constructed sufficient number of projects to establish a reputation.
  21. wecares

    wecares New Member

    nice ahana you have given some good idea regarding property buyer and seller . every body have to go by this step then it will be better for buy property

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