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I heard on the grapevine that emaar launched the tinja villas and townhouses, but they got snapped up very quickly. I was wondering if anyone managed to secure any, and if so, at what price?



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No didn't manage to get any, but my sources tell me the villas were going for silly numbers around 450,000 Euros, but the townhouse were a little more appealing at 350,000 Euros. Looks like Morocco prices are on the up!


This must have been the quietest launch ever - I've been on several agents and Emaars mailing lists for about a year.

Only Hamptons replied and that was last week, about a month after the supposed launch. They said they only released villas (prices unknown) and 2000sq ft townhouses starting at £175000 (E254,000).

I'm waiting for the 2 bed appartments, apparently to be launched end of this year at £100-£120,000. But I dont beleive they will be that cheap, maybe these are 1 bed prices.

Any more news ?

Lee Filkins

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I had been on Emaar waiting list since early 06. I do have personal contacts their and had been privy to information others may not have. Hamptons themselves have been frustrated as I am sure that very few number of people on the waiting list manage to buy anything.

I had been on Emaars waiting list as well as I decided to attack on all fronts. Through out the period I had mantained contact with them, they would not give me indicative price not types of property etc. I kept on getting a very professional and polite replies.

I must confess that I was approached by Emaar & Hamptons at the time of the release but they could not give prices or choice of allocations. I basically told them to go and fly a kite as I was not buying tomatoes in a super market. There was going to be thousands of £ involved and I was not in a casino.

In so far as prices are concerned for the apartments. I am sure that they will not be cheaper than Al-houra. We just have to wait and see.


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Oh, Camel, i read your last thread. Personally, I got all info about Tinja easily and I got all the details in the same day I asked for it. Anyway, concerning Tinja prices, they are not cheaper than al houara (As you supposed) but rather they are more expensive. I got the price list of both developments and I was surprised that the actual bottom price in Al houara for one bed apartment is 157 000 Euros and 180 000 euros for a 2 bed apartment while in Tinja, the bottom price for a 2 bed unit is 260 000 Euros.

The villas prices in Tinja are less expensive than Al Houara and as the sales agent informed me, there is no villa available in Tinja.
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