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Discussion in 'UK Property' started by michaela2z, Apr 5, 2015.

  1. michaela2z

    michaela2z New Member

    Just trying to get people thoughts on what is considered best to do with chimney stacks?

    Our house has 2 chimney stacks for 4 fireplaces but none of them are working and we don't intend on ever using them. So we want to stop the draft that they are allowing in and have 2 options.
    1-cap the tops and block the fireplaces proudly
    2-remove the chimney stacks and tile over roof

    Removing the stacks would mean a much simpler roof, absolutely no draft or risk or leaks and never having to worry about them blowing over. However we worry people in the future may want working chimneys.

    So do you think the people of 8 or so years time would like a chimney in a end terrace Victorian type town house or would they rather the no worry and hard work done of the chimney stacks been removed. Thanks for your help
  2. Jeff Djevdet

    Jeff Djevdet New Member

    Tricky this one. Removing them would also add space. My best guess is, if you are in a ‘posh’ area don’t remove. If it’s ‘normal’ then do it.
  3. michaela2z

    michaela2z New Member

    Ha, I certainly wouldn't put us as a posh area! Thanks for your thoughts.

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