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Thomas Overseas win a property competiton

Discussion in 'Buying Overseas Property' started by doylee1, Feb 14, 2008.

  1. doylee1

    doylee1 New Member

    I'm looking to buy overseas and came across Thomas Overseas. They are based in Cheshire, seem to have a good selection of properties and they are running a win a property competition??? Anyone had any dealing with them??
  2. doylee1

    doylee1 New Member

    well no response but did it anyway, its only money hey:)
    Bought cape verde, got guaranteed equity under my belt and 2 years off plan so it's now down to the waiting game. With the competition thing, apparently i have a 1 in 80 chance to win, better odds than that lottery(Just bitter not winning 95Mill last week :) )
  3. Lysos

    Lysos New Member

    Could you please explain what you mean by "guaranteed equity".

    I couldn't find them listed at Companies House.
  4. Investy

    Investy Senior Member

    If any investment had worthwhile 'guaranteed equity' you can be sure the agents would have bought them all themselves!
    For you to realise this guaranteed equity, someone in the queue will need to GUARANTEE to pay you your profit AFTER DEDUCTION OF HEFTY SELLING AGENTS FEES, not to mention all the fees and costs of aquisition you are paying to purchase (Taxes, fx fees, lost interest on your deposit etc).
  5. Damian George

    Damian George New Member

  6. doylee1

    doylee1 New Member

    Thomas Overseas

    Thanks for your replies.
    1st - Lycos, i have checked with Thomas Overseas and the overall company is called Property Packages on Companies House and the Overseas arm of the company is known as Thomas Overseas. The guaranteed equity is. Say i have purchased for 100k today as of the 1st of march the developer is moving the price to 123k!! 23k growth within the space of a month seems a fair deal to me. I have emails guaranting this for me as well, so very happy!!!

    2nd - Investy, i don't have to pay any agents fees!! and they have paid my solicitor fees and are giving me a furniture pack so i think i have got on to a win win situation!!!
  7. Investy

    Investy Senior Member

    You will have to pay selling agents fees if you want to sell in order to realise that 'guaranteed equity', and the equity will be swallowed up.

    No decent property investment needs sweetners like this. There will be a catch. The developer wants to make money. He does that by taking money you have earned, and spending out a lot less than the price you will pay.

    Good luck, but please be very careful or live to regret. Rely on NOTHING you are told, do all your own homework.
  8. DubaiDMC

    DubaiDMC New Member

  9. doylee1

    doylee1 New Member

    Thomas Overseas

    Thanks for your reply investy.

    Ofcourse you have never made any money until you have sold a property. The price increases abroad work in just the same sense as they have for the UK over the years. The developer is moving up the property prices by a set amount as of the 1st March as well as a discount for a certain payment plan.

    With me purchasing through Thomas Overseas, if i do look to sell in the future they will advertise it on their website free of charge.(ok it's not a guaranteed sale but every little helps!!!)

    As we both agree, until you sell your property ANYWHERE in the world it's all paper money but, if i'm purchasing a property at a price which is 23% cheaper than it will be the following month it increases and will help my exit stratergy in 2 years time if i wish to sell or release equity.
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