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Buying overseas property is a great way to own property as an investment. The key is making your profit on the purchase i.e securing a low purchase price that will give you a profit on a subsequent sale.
But what about your exit Strategy?.
Apparently you should have one in any overseas property investment, How are you going to get out when for example you need the money. my top tip is always buy where the demand is not only from one sector i.e the overseas property market.
The Plan
You should buy property where you have at least two sets of buyers to approach in case one day you need to call 911 on your financial situation and get out quickly.Brazilian real estate is a great when it comes to sell most good developments or land can be sold not only to foreign investors but also to local buyers. Selling overseas property fast may mean dropping the price so a low purchase price is essential. Buying very expensive property abroad will reduce your market and you will need to consider your exit plans . This is a serious factor for the savvy investor


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Exit strategy is one of the main reasons why we believe that investing in capital or second-tier cities is always a safer bet than investing in resort properties.

Resorts are always at risk of going out of fashion, or of over-development. In the majority of cases, you only have a short season and there is very little chance of getting safe, long-term rentals.

But in a major capital city, you can be sure that there is always going to be someone who will want to buy your property, even if sometimes you might not be able to get as much as you hoped for it.

Across most of Eastern Europe, the middle classes are constantly increasing in numbers and becoming more wealthy all the time. As soon as they start making some decent money, upgrading their accommodation from the crumbling Communist-era tower blocks that makes up the vast majority of housing stock is always going to be one of their top priorities.


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Which banks lend for develoment in which countries

hi if anyone can help with this - lets do a table of banks who ll lend to developers or investors for each country

ideally based on experience [or someone u actually know]

for me - I m already in Belgium [ I m surprised at how few banks will NOT even look at projects] and want to look at Albania.

any advice gratefully received and reciprocated:)
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Albania would be a very iliquid asset. Also very poor state controls. Imagine you die and your kids have to try and claim the property for example - you will be likely confronted by a wall of ineptidue, for example the water authority wont sign over the property to a next of kin.

Investors - test your agent. All agents will tell you it's easy to sell - on , however this is nearly always not the case.
I have found the very same agents will then show not the slightest interest in selling - on your property.

I found this even with the big boys like Property Showrooms.

Ask to see your agents list of second hand property - I think you will find they dont have one.
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Interesting blog Investy. Albania is the up and coming new emerging market of Eastern Europe and we are happy to argue the case for investing there right now. Being the pioneers to the foreign market in Albania and mentioned heavily in both the Times and Express last month, we are and will be offering the best long term investments in a country that is getting itself firmly back on its fit. We are not advocating to buy and resale within the year or two. Albania like any new emerging market should be seen a long term investment strategy. If you can buy into the city when the market is so low on price, high on urbanisation, has demand from the middle classes and you are buying good quality legal property then you always have a good chance of selling on in years to come. Coastal property right on the water, works through buying cheap and in the very best location.This will always increase in value due to demand. Buy into second rate developments , then you may well struggle with re sale if supply keeps up. Alabania IS new and very emerging to the foreign market. With that comes risk of course. Investors will make up their minds on how much they can afford to lose if it all goes belly !! Bought in certain parts of Spain in the last 3 years and now want to sell !! Well , who would have thought that to be a risk !!!.
If investors want to know more about the opportunities in Albania in properties with finance or through an investment fund then please let me know at Albania Estate.


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Berlin Cheap. Albanian capital cheap.
Which is more risky - Albanian capital.
Which has much more devloped property law - Germany.
Which is the powerhouse European economy - Germany
Which is the worlds largest exporter (thats right ahead of China, Japan and the US) - Germany.

So why not for similar money buy in Berlin?

A freind has set up a berlin property agency with city centre appartments next to a large green park for £60,000, in the Government and Embassy district. I dont think Im allowed to give a web address on this forum though.
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