This is now a time for the N Cyprus lawyers to..........

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  1. Today we received an email from our lawyer, who it appears unlike some lawyers is actually carrying out his duties to the best of his abilities, very professionally and without fleecing us, which it appears from other stories we have read is a rarity.

    Why can’t the North Cyprus Lawyers realise that at some point there has got to be a ‘hero’ to emerge from this Gary Robb mess and they should be making the best of themselves to become a ‘hero’ instead of appearing to favour the criminal over their client namely ‘The Victim’. Is it because allegedly the criminal is loaded with the ‘victim’s monies’ and can pay more !

    Let’s face it when the North Cyprus Real Estate Market recovers, people will be looking for lawyer and especially from those who are willing to recommend someone who is honest and true to their client !

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    ABAG's SPACE: This is now a time for the N Cyprus lawyers to put right their wrongs and bring some integrity back into their profession

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    I may need a lawyer in N Cyprus - is it possible to ge this guy's name please?



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