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Discussion in 'German Property' started by iwico, May 14, 2008.

  1. iwico

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    I am thinking about buying property in Germany (previous East Germany) through auction, the price looks like cheap. But I am worry about if local people are good towards people from aboard.

    Could someone tell me if I buy a property in small town or village in previous East Germany, will I get trouble from local youth? I am British but original from China.

    Also, is it a good idea to buy property through a auction?

  2. ict28

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    I can be your estate agent overseas


    If you like I will find you nice house/villa in Germany or in Holland....

  3. nicknow88

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    where in east germany...

    Hi Chin,
    yep. Prices are cheap...For a reason! The east german market is not performing at all,
    east germany is loosing population and prices will desent more. And for your safety,
    dont go to saxonia, there you could easily be in trouble with the local youth.
    Buy something in Hamburg, it is nice, people speak english and via low cost airline, you are back to london within 1.5 hours.

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