Things You Should Pay Attention to When Buying a Property in Turkey

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    • Selling and buying of the estate can be achieved only through the Department of Real Estate:
    The sale and purchase of real estate in Turkey according to unofficial contracts, contracts of notary or mayor does not mean that the ownership of the property has moved to the buyer, but it requires for the person wishing to own the property to register the purchase transaction in his name in the real estate department in the land registry.

    • Assuring whether Owner Is the Real Owner of this Property:
    This is done by securing a copy of the real estate deed and visit the real estate department to check whether the information contained in the mentioned deed is identical to the information registed in the real estate archives. It is best to obtain confirmation from the employees of the real estate department.
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    • Ensuring Whether the Sold Property is the Same Property Offered to the Buyer:
    The address of the property should not be mentioned in the real estate deeds. Therefore, the title of the property must be obtained by locating the property well by looking at the real estate map in the real estate department. A copy of the real estate project site can be obtained from the real estate department to check whether the sold property Is the same property that was offered to the buyer.

    • Checking the Restrictions of the Sold Property:
    There are things that prevent the owner of the property from selling or may affect the price of the property needs to be assured, these things are not mentioned in the real estate deeds, so you should check the Directorate of Real Estate and make sure by examining the real estate archives of the property, whether there is any obstacle, a sign or an order that prevents selling of the property or affects its value. The management plan also contains the owner's rights, restrictions and debts. When purchasing the property, these rights and debts are transferred to the new owner.

    • Ensuring the Property’s Deed:
    Is it a deed of title or an instrument of temporary ownership? If the title deed of the property in question is a temporary possession instrument (often occurring in real estate that is under construction or not established yet), it must be ascertained that there are no adverse provisions that would impede or prevent the transfer the right of temporary ownership of the property to the permanent property right after the completion of the construction, such as the existence of building permits, construction and others.

    • Ensuring the Status and Condition of the Properties’ Reconstruction:
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    The reconstruction status should be checked through visiting the department of Real Estate Survey or the concerned municipality and the property allocation purpose should be assured, if the property in question is a residential unit that is considered to be within the scope of the housing units (i.e. whether the property is intended for housing units or is allocated for other matters).

    • Getting a Consultancy from Experts and Specialists in the Turkey Real Estate Market:
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    Buying a property is very important, especially for the buyer, where there are many risks for this reason it is better to get help from people interested in buying property in Turkey, experts in this matter, provides a real estate consultancy and assure all the official papers of the property, from the concerned real estate department.

    • Ensuring that There Is No Tenant in the Property and, if there Is, Checking the Date of Vacancy.
    • Notifying the Real Estate Department of the Real Property’s Price So Not to Face Future Tax Penalties.
    • Ensuring that There Is No Tax on the Concerned Property Owner.

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