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    I could not let this pass without adding my 2 cents:

    Is Maceio violent? Well, Alagoas, as the Northeast in general has a history of violence. It is eye for an eye mentality. Alagoas still has difficulty of leaving behind the captain and slave mentality. But Maceio is not worse than any other place in Brazil, actually, it is probably much safer than Rio and SP for the middle-class.

    The truth is bandits follow money and travel to less guarded cities to do what they know best. Brazil as a whole is doomed if we do not act on it. The solution in Brazil is probably increasing police salaries and opening streets in the favelas. The main victims of Brazil's violence are the poor people who are prey to the bandits. Another solution may be putting Sarney, Calheiros and others like them behind bars. LOL

    Life is about enjoying it while one can. I would not sell Maceio as a city, although I chose to live there and love it despite all the problems. The weather, the ocean, and the life style are amazing if you live around Ponta Verde and Jatiuca. Dangerous? No more than Floripa, my other hometown, on a day to day routine.
    I chose Maceio over Floripa because Floripa has a very long winter (Maceio has a rainy one, just like the rest of the northeast), cold ocean water, and is too full in the Summer. Working full time I never had the time to enjoy Floripa in the Summer because of the crazy traffic to the beaches. I am all for not letting tourists drive in the island.

    Alagoas is not only Maceio. The north coast is absolutely fabulous.
    The south coast is OK, with the highlights being Barra de Sao Miguel and the right side of Praia do Frances (the left is full of barracas with plastic chair and annoying vendors).
    It also offers historical towns (all they need a Rockefeller to save it), beautiful old plantations with the original houses in it, and the Mata Atlantica.
    Alagoas does need a long term project to become a viable and sustainable tourist destination (it looks like ADIT is working on it). I think it could be a destination more interesting than any other Caribbean Island with the exception of Cuba (I am guessing it, comment if you know the Caribbean well). What Alagoas has to offer is the real thing, not Disneyesque. Driving around Coruripe you find fishing villages that are out of a National Geographic magazine of the 70s.

    If Alagoas concentrates in the Ecological tourism, it will be a great destination.
    The real problem is that we need smart long time foreigner investment. Ugly condominiums, tacky resorts, and busloads of tourists may make money in the short term for the initial investors, but it is not sustainable. It drives away rich buyer and investors. Florianopolis saw it, with only Jurere standing as a good place.

    So, before exalting or badmouthing any place in Brazil, or in the world, go there first and see what you can offer your client.

    See the pictures of Alagoas:
    Alagoas - Galeria de Fotos
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    I have been advised that Maceio has infrastructure issues in regards to there being problems with drainage, sewage etc. Does anyone have an overall view on the state of it's current infrastructure & how it is planning on coping with the city's expansion.
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    I am going back to Maceio in February. Incidentally, I work with urban development. I will get the info you need, but you will have to wait. Unfortunately, infrastructure problems are endemic in Brazil, and Maceio, the city itself is one of the worst. There is a big plan to fix it. The million dollar question is: WHEN?

    Like everywhere there are good and bad news:

    1. I have heard that one of the fancy resorts in Barra de Sao Miguel, Barra Bali, has had its investment applied by the developer in Sao Paulo and the construction stopped. This is typical of Brazilian's developers when they are in financial trouble. I do not think there is a law prohibiting that. Does anyone know?

    2. Aman resorts is investing in Coruripe

    3. The Itacare people are investing somewhere else as well (I forgot the location)

    4. Carro Quebrado, one of the most beautiful beaches in Alagoas is also going to get some major investment

    Long term - Alagoas is probably a sure bet
    Short term - invest in fancy projects that Brazilians will also flock to in a well
    established market

    Good luck
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    I forgot to tell you this:

    in 2006/2007 the town of Coruripe invested with federal money in a sewer system. The town is the territory of Cipesa, a sugar and ethanol mill and a develop/construction company. The same one that is doing the project in Maceio that Brazil Homes advertised here. In 2006 Cipesa announced a partnership with Gafisa, one of the biggest developers in Brazil. In 2008 the the Aman resorts project was announced. Is there a connection? I have no idea, but we should keep an eye in these events and try to understand where the big guys are going to and tag along! In the 80s Gafisa led the expansion to Barra da Tijuca in Rio. I would guess they know what they are doing.

    In the 80s Gafisa was called Gomes de Almeida Fernandes, today they are also the Alphaville and Tenda group!
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    Are you still in Brazil Ralph or have you gone to the US now?
  6. This is an old thread.
    It started mentioning Maceió but immediately it changed to a discussion about violence, mostly without facts (as usual) or offending other forum members personally when running out of arguments.

    What is violence, what are our changes to get involved in it.
    That’s a never ending discussion.
    But saying “Never anything happended with me…”, well that way I can say “It’s not that bad, I have never been killed.”
    But yes, I have stayed for more than an hour with a small shotgun pointed at my head, and my wife a pistol. It’s not funny.
    And yes, also foreign tourists or expats get killed (extreme violence).
    The chances of normal people are less, there are a lot crime and drug related killings in Brazil.
    Brazil is not that save, nowhere.

    There are really good studies about violence in Brazil.
    I like to look at papers and studies done by “” Dr Julio Jacobo Waiselfisz.
    About violence and homicide I recommend the study “Mapa da Violência 2012 - Os Novos Padrões da Violência Homicida no Brasil”
    A 245 page PDF document, full of facts, stats, about Brazil, the states, regions, and every city, also the small ones. Evolution of violence from 2000 – 2010.
    There are more downloadable documents on their site, violence against women, young people, races/skin colour etc.
    Before comenting violence on this forum and throwing mud to eachother, I recommend reading and analyzing these papers first. Yes it’s in Portuguese, but we are in Brazil aren’t we ?

    Here 2 tables about evolution of violence in the main capitals.
    Number of homicides / 100.000 habitants. Some places are at war according the UNO.
    And what most people, foreigners, don’t know, Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paulo are very low on the list of most violent cities. And they are decreasing on the list/ladder.
    Others like Salvador, Natal and Sao Luis homicides are increasing rapidly (still).
    Champion is Maceio.
    Make your own conclusions, download these papers.


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    considering how you treat people, I am suprised this doesn't happen more often to you :D
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    Mirror Mirror On The Wall

    Who is the nastiest of all?

  9. Really sick minded people.
    I would think twice before making a deal with a RE agent like this.
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    I am not a agent, and I am genuinely surpised that you aren't held up more often.
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    maceio is 3rd highest in the world according to wiki
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    The 3rd highest what?

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