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The threat from construction workers

Discussion in 'Dubai property' started by Wannaberich, May 30, 2008.

  1. Wannaberich

    Wannaberich New Member

    The Dark Side Of the Dream - The Divided World of the Middle East - TIME

    After reading this article and others like this in the past,I'm wondering if the problem with unhappy workers could escalate and become a serious problem?
    If they were to riot,refuese to work,go home due to the weakening dollar and
    higher wages in their own country,then like the article says,Dubai will come to a standstill.
    Is the situation really this bad?I've read that Dubai is improving living accomodation and paying higher wages because of the threat of the workers leaving.Or are they still treated badly?
    I find it a bit hypocritical when I read comments from people regarding
    the 'slave workers' of Dubai.Alot of the products these same people are buying in the shops are made from 'slave workers' in India,Thailand etc.Does their conscious bother them?Probably not.It does in the case of Dubai because they have no investments here and so feel free to criticise.
  2. mpat

    mpat New Member

    its not taht serious a problem , i believe.If 1000 goes back , there are another 10000 in the queue to come here .
  3. really_true

    really_true New Member

    To all and sundry - especially the forecasters of Doom in UAE property will a country's ecnomic progress be halted by the few workers - There will always be a solution - If not X then Y may be not economical as X but Y will finish the job. Remeber for all expats u are welcome as long as you are productive . There is no such thing as free lunch . The state will not support you if you are non productive - if u are non productive go home whereever that may be . Same applies to companies they have the labour for a purpose
    labour that not work go home - Labour have a contract they signed FULL STOP .

    There is no mercy nor charity in this business of money making - companies will not tolerate any kind of nuisance .

    Yes its a diffrent isue of controllin them and thats another story
  4. Roshan

    Roshan New Member

    Very Very sad stories we hear. Atleast Indian workers, not many come because, they get better salaries in Indian.

    What I heard was Big Indian construction companies absorbed all the illegal workers repatriated during the amensty period and offered them jobs in India for the same salary what they were getting here if not more. Why should workers come here now.

    I am in the air conditioning industry and the contractors who go with the intention of hiring 100 workers come back with just a few.

    When people tread over other people and harrass and ill treat them, the same will come back to them.

    I sincerely hope that the Govt takes note of this and makes their life better. Before rent caps and market scales, they should put their lifes at ease considering the amount of blood, sweat and tears they have given to the economy of this country.


  5. fws

    fws New Member

    Well said Roshan!!
  6. Wannaberich

    Wannaberich New Member

    Maybe as Mpat said,if 1000 workers go back then there will be 10000 to take their place.However,that doesn't mean that Dubai can treat them badly.Decent living and working conditions and a decent wage should be provided.Although the same is going on around the world Dubai should show that it is a humane society.
  7. Sixgun

    Sixgun New Member

    the trouble is, it's not only about riots and workers leaving, how much do
    'pride' do you think is in the workmanship of these builders.
    At best, they will try to get away with cutting as many corners as possible, at worst, through sheer frustration and hatred, they could make their work as bad as is possible to do.
    I know they will have direct supervisors ( probably only earning fractionally more) who in turn will have project managers etc, but they cannot see all things at all times.
    The workmanship must be declining rapidly.
  8. Wannaberich

    Wannaberich New Member

    You get what you pay for.When you pay 400.000 for a studio or 600.000 for a 1 bed,prices way cheaper than other citites,don't expect to get quality with it.Your going to get bad workmanship,remember these are mostly unskilled and untrained workers.
    Also the materials used are going to be cheap and nasty.My partner has a villa at Arabian Ranches and believe me the kitchen and worktops are crap,the double glazed doors and windows are a joke,the bathroom looks like a public toilet in a car park,its all a load of crap.The developers are making a fortune.
    Even when I see pics of expensive villas and marina appartments,most look plain and unispiring,
    and the fixtures and fittings are no better than the cheap units.
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  9. georgihh

    georgihh New Member

    The bottom line is that the government is managing the country very well.
    They don’t care who’s coming and what is happening – the target is a steady grow up with 250000 people per year and business grow 10-15% per year.
    If the market or the business is overheating they will put a break like restricting the people coming to the country increasing all sorts of charges and …….. . I heard next step will be the property market. Emaar and Nakheel will build low cost residential areas to cool the property boom.
    They can build as many as 100000 units per year. Once this is done the property market will defiantly cool down. But they will build as many as needed not to collapse the market.
    Let’s say a one bedroom will be around 350000 DHS.
    Most of the residents will buy one of them and leave the more expensive rented place.
    And they will build as many as needed to keep the raise steady.
    As a result the market will stabilize and the speculators will disappear
    That’s why don’t buy cheap average properties in UAE but only luxury units for a people with a lots of money – this market wont be affected.
  10. Wannaberich

    Wannaberich New Member

    If u build lots of low cost units,this will bring down the price of all the other units.This will then become an unattractive place for investors to buy into.As Dubai relies on investors this will not be a smart move.
  11. georgihh

    georgihh New Member

    You are missing the point. This (the property market) will not last forever and the government needs to cool it down establish a stable business and carry on.
    The prices are going up as a lot of cash is available around town. But this cash will go back (to where comes from) soon or later. And some people will loose a lot of money and this will be very very bad for the country. And the government is feeling the pressure of the extra cash flowing into the country the country with local population as low as 15 % of the total population. And this is very dangerous. We have seen prices going double or triple in a few years around the world but in establish countries with establish business and inhabitants. Uae is completely deferent and this is not going to work out and they know this and they have to do something or they and we bust.
  12. Investoman_uae

    Investoman_uae New Member

    Its a young country though. So to compare it to well established countries it doesnt work. The other countries witnessed thousands of years of civilisation. The UAE is what? 35 years old?

    My point is, it is growin fast yes, and I agree the government must keep things under control and raise this child the best way. Its exactly like raising a child.

    We hope nothing will burst, and there is enough cash to keep the economy strong. Also, there isnt a debt problem here. And only in this country you get finance for 95% of the property value.

    There is an element of risk no doubt, and one must stay wary and careful, but as long as theres plenty of oil down there, and plenty of finance, things will go well.

    My concerns have been raised in the other thread if you wanna check them. Construction cost is an issue, labour satisfaction, infrastructure to cope with all these projects etc etc.

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