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The Spanish Real Estae investors are allured by Morocco

Discussion in 'Morocco Property' started by Myasilah, Jan 29, 2008.

  1. Myasilah

    Myasilah New Member

    The Spanish property and land investors are allured by Morocco.
    In fact, in the area, Morocco is the principal trade partner of the peninsula ibérique. The origin of these performances, the climate of investment founded by the vision 2010 and which generated a whole dynamics of investment in real estate and touism industry.
    Thus many Spanish operators in tourism, property and land development prefered to invest in Morocco and signed many conventions with the Moroccan government. This same climate of confidence allowed the arrival of many Spanish signs which developed projects, successfully, in tourism and the real estate. According to statistics' of the Moroccan ministry of Tourism, the tourism and real estate sectors attracted, between 2006 and 2007, several Spanish, marocco-Spanish companies and also British-Morocco-Spanish partners who are serious about working together in Morocco. All the projects which are established in Tangier, Asilah, Larache, Tetouan and El Jadida represent plenty of milliard of Euros of investment and more than 3000 employment. It should be also said that the Spanish investment in Morocco took new proportions thanks to the alliances concluded between Spanish and Moroccan groups. In this respect, they carry out a joint project in the Atlantic and the Mediditerranean coast. It acts of the creation of luxury hotels of a capacity of 720 beds each, residential zone (10.000 apartments and 510 villas) and sporting equipment and leisures and hospitals. With different programs also commercial zones, parks and a golf courses. The total cost of some projects exceeds the 2,86 billion DH. In Safi the fishing town the total investment of 3,7 billion DH, this méga building site envisages the installation of marinas, luxury hotels of a capacity of 174 beds at least. In addition to these holiday and tourist resorts, trade, zones of animations, more than 800 apartments, 550 villas and 350 apartments are also envisaged. These projects are under development. Acting of the planned projects, they envisage a total investment of about 6,02 billion DH. It will carry out a few kilometres from Bab Sebta the projects of Al Coudia Smir and Smir & Laguna Smir. Of an investment of 3,6 billion DH, these two projects are based on the creation of hotels, apartments, villas and center of life and trade. Golfs and a tennis court are also envisaged there. It should be noted that potential Morocco-Spanish and British investors already a large building site in different sites even in the Eastern one. In Fes a land of 700 hectars will be transformed into a true tourist village high standing. For the hour, the file awaits its validation with the ministry for the Interior. I am not promoting any overseas group but i am showing that Morocco real estate and tourism building market is growing fast and even the potential and the experts did not expect The present Moroccan property and tourism booming.
  2. Lee Filkins

    Lee Filkins Administrator Staff Member Premium Member


    As the gravy train has hit the buffers in Spain. Spain & Morocco apart from their Geography also has historic links.

    As an investor I would go deep into the background of some of them.
  3. Investy

    Investy Senior Member

    Camel you talk in riddles. Is this to impress? Do you enjoy dangleing little tantalising morsels for the rest of us to scrabble after like hungry hounds?
  4. Lee Filkins

    Lee Filkins Administrator Staff Member Premium Member


    Investy. It not or ever has been my intention to talk in riddles or need to impress anybody.

    The matter that we discuss have many facets and tangents and as some one who still uses one finger on the key board a constraint of mine and this may leave things to the understanding & assumption of the forum users.
  5. Myasilah

    Myasilah New Member

    Hi all overseas real esate investors, developers and brokers.
    We are here this lovely forum thanks for the admisn, moderator and the whole team who make this propery forum in live which is very successful and useful for the whole real estate community. We are here to exchange experience and property investment in abroad especially Morocco property. Our aim is to extend the property investment network and to work in a team work. I am specialised in Land investment and development in Morocco.
    All investors and developers welcome.
  6. Tangier

    Tangier Member

    Please Please Please Thay all say that Morocco is the next best thing come on with the rest of the wold going upside down and property at a stand still i can only say that Morocco is one big upside down lots of empty blocks lots of building going on ( when you ask about the blocks thay say even before thay start SOLD OUT ) please whats going on ????
  7. manor park

    manor park New Member


    I am not quite sure what your question is ? Can you elaborate ?

  8. Tangier

    Tangier Member

  9. manor park

    manor park New Member

    I am investing in Tangier, yes we are at a strange time in property buying but the worst thing to do is panic. If you have yet to buy then hold fire. If you have bought then try and (if you can) hold tight and ride it out.

    So I am still not sure what your question is. You say "I would not at this time invest in Morocco" which is fine and your choice but then you end your post with, "so please tell me where is the best place to buy in Morocco" which is all very confusing.

    You need to decide IF you want to invest and then look where to invest.

  10. manor park

    manor park New Member


    Check very carefully where that development is, as if its the one I think it is, then its not as close to anywhere as its made out.

    It may be different, so just make sure you do your investigations.

  11. rowlandsbb

    rowlandsbb New Member

    In the current economic mess perhaps it is best to keep to mainland Spain
    Good deals in good locations can be found for you
    Less risk
    Unless you are an experienced dealer just now buy only for life style reasons and make sure you get a good deal

    it might just be getting near to the point where it is worth looking if you are able to buy and want to for full/ part time living or holiday home and get yourself set up for using it in 2009

    But keep away from anything outside the established EU...the so called emerging markets will be worse that the established ones for the simple reason that no bank for some time will want to lend to anyone in these spec markets
    The established EU market is not expected to start moving again until late 2010...for the rest...well not worth thinking about it!!!
  12. manor park

    manor park New Member


    I agree with your last paragraph.

    As for Spain? I am still not sure it has hit rock bottom, I am registered with a few estate agents as I have been thinking of buying in Spain for the last three years but held off as I believed prices were too high.

    At the moment, all the emails I get are for price reductions and vendor happy to deal in sterling and there are some good deals but I think when the emails start slowing down, I might start looking closer.

  13. rowlandsbb

    rowlandsbb New Member

    You are probably only getting e-mails about the poor properties which were probably never in a good location anyway

    In times like this you have to look at the best loctions and whilst the deals may not seem on the face of it as good value, medium to long term they are better buys
    We never know when the bottom comes!!!
    Whilst most who can sit tight and do not sell, this means a lot of the good stuff just does not come on the market...and it is seeking out those that do where you find a good buy in these times
    There are developers with good sites who can afford to sit tight also but they have to trade so again there are some good deals here

    Now if you are just a dealer then I assume that you know the market and at a time which you like best you will buy but for those buying for life style reasons or a bit of both , then really taking a look just now may well turn out to be a good time...ready for next summer or even in by Xmas!

    Yes in theory the value may dip a little [ who knows!] but in the years to come in a good location it will be OK and then there is the enjoyment side

    But keep away from the guaranteed rentals, sales at 50% below bank valuation so you can get 100% mortgage, two for the price of one etc etc

    May be the odd bargain but in general not so!
  14. Investy

    Investy Senior Member


    recent scientific research carried out at Berkley indicated the older you are the less able you are to comprehend new ideas and change.

    Your assertion that outside EU is a no go because Banks will be less willing to lend, displays a high level of ignorance.

    The EU has bloated boom led prices whereas places like Morocco have had no such experience. Morocco has rising GDP and falling unemployment whereas Spain has the opposite.
    Spain has masses of competing property whereas the Plan Azure mega developments in Morocco have no competetion.

    For the price of an inland villa in Spain, I get an ongolf, on beach on marina in Morocco with large western purpose built hospital in secure devlopment with hugely more sports and leisure facilities than the stuff you peddle in Spain.

    Channel Fours 'A Place In the Sun' has just produced a list of the worlds (that WORLDS) best golf developments and Saidia Morocco is mentioned as number 3 and its barely even built yet.

    Honestly, try and get out more and streeeetch that brain a litlle. The world is not fixed in aspic - things change. Your impression of Morocco is all wrong.
  15. Jesus of nazareth

    Jesus of nazareth New Member

    ramp ramp ramp

    rowlandsbb - pay for a premium membership if you want to ramp you cheapskate.

    Investy - Editorial has always gone hand in hand with money spent on advertising in print media. A place in the sun must be doing well out of Saidia.
    Last edited: Oct 18, 2008
  16. Investy

    Investy Senior Member

    Jesus, one mans ramp is anothers robust debate. How dull would be the world where strong opinions were kept out of debate.
    I for one love Punch and Judy politics
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