The Orchard development, Bansko - IMPORTANT FOR PURCHASERS!

Discussion in 'European Property' started by stevief, Dec 3, 2008.

  1. JJJ

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    Watchdog only investigated Interlink BG. Bulgarian Dreams' Mr Jenkins they say was the original owner and former Director & it is now managed by his wife. Interlink BG are not the developers of The Orchard.
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    the orchard

    I have a property in the orchard, phase 3 and am a little worried,

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    Hi all! I am also a purchaser of a property 2nd phase and I want to join the action group. I am also curious what actions purchasers of properties 2nd phase have taken. Thank you.
  4. cunhoolio

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    how to get my money back???

    Hi, i've paid 10k for 25% of an unbuilt shell, also known as The Orchard Phase 3 and want to know how to get my money back; or frankly even if it's possible?? If anyone has any news or knows anything it would b great if you could point me in the right direction.

    Stevief - can you please tell me how to join your group please.

    Many thanks,
  5. Eva Cumberland

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    The Orchard

    Hi Steve,
    My husband and his parents purchased 8 apartments in The Orchard Phase Three.
    Whats the latest news?

    We would like to join the group ASAP, please can you forward me the web address and login details etc ...

    Kind regards
    Eva Cumberland
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    Orchard phase 3


    Does anybody know what is going on in phase 3 of the orchard?
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    I know a few years have passed since this thread, but is this group still in existence please
  9. Megan bibb

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    Good morning
    I have only just joined this forum...
    It is now 2018
    Does anyone have an update on The Orchard please
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    Hope you are all ok, and in your apartments???

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