The Orchard development, Bansko - IMPORTANT FOR PURCHASERS!

Discussion in 'Bulgaria Property' started by stevief, Dec 3, 2008.

  1. stevief

    stevief New Member

    Hi All,
    If you have invested in The Orchard Development, Bansko, through Bulgarian Dreams, it is in your interests to join The Orchard Action Group. Please contact me to request the group's web address.

    It is a secure closed group with over 30 members at present, managed by other investors in development. Importantly, every member is validated before being allowed to join, so you can be assured (as I was) that membership is safe and secure. I for one, do not wish to lose my money or apartment.
    The group’s goal is to share all manner of information relating to the investment by means of gathering as many owners/investors together in one secure and central place.
    There is a wealth of very useful information being shared daily, and weekly internet conference calls allow the group to move very quickly in discussing/setting up action plans going forward. The more investors that join, the more of benefit it will be to all.
    There are some very worrying new developments that have arisen in the past 24 hours.

  2. Jonathon Pugh

    Jonathon Pugh New Member

    My name is Jonathon Pugh.
    I have made a first payment for an appartment at the Orchard phase II.
    I would like to access any ifo you may have.
    Please advise
  3. stevief

    stevief New Member

    The Orchard Action Group

    Hi Johnathon,
    please go to the website, to request membership of "The Orchard Action Group". It's co-ordinated by a guy called Ashley.
    He'll request some id as proof of your purchase and your address, and it's important for the group that this info is requested as it's a closed group for valid purchasers only.
    I'm finding the group really useful. There's a Skype meeting planned for this sunday evening (we do it every sunday evening). And these meetings really move things forward.
    I've taken on the role as "recruiter" thus have placed messages on many forums.

  4. Angela

    Angela New Member


    My name is Angela Le Plongeon and I contacted to purchase apartment No 508 in phase one
    and have made all the payments except for the final one which was due on completion.

    I would definately like to join the group and look forward to hearing from you.


  5. stevief

    stevief New Member

    Joining TOAG

    Hi Angela,
    please go to the website, to request membership of "The Orchard Action Group" (TOAG). It's co-ordinated by a guy called Ashley.
    He'll request some id as proof of your purchase and your address, and it's important for the group that this info is requested as it's a closed group for valid purchasers only.
    Just had a meeting via Skype last night and things are progressing fast.

    Many thanks,
  6. ivotanev

    ivotanev New Member

    Apartment Area


    We have recently measured an apartment at the Orchard upon the request of an owner. He and his brother had purchased identical apartments but one of them turned out to be smaller than the other one. We, (BG Surveyor Ltd.), also professionally carry out property surveys and snag lists.

    If anyone is interested and needs assiance, please PM me for details. We also have some progress photos if anyone is interested.

    Best of luck to all owners.

    Ivo Tanev
  7. robclarke

    robclarke New Member

    The Orchard, Bankso


    I have purchased an apartment in Block A, Phase 1 of the The Ochard and would be interested to hear others' views about the project to date. I am particularly concerned with the delays to the project and when Block A is likely to be handed over.
    London, UK
  8. Susan Emmett

    Susan Emmett New Member

    Hi Steve,

    I am a journalist writing a feature for the Sunday Times about British buyers who have been left in the lurch by foreign developers.

    I am very interested in speaking to you about your action group. Obviously, as I am not a buyers I can't go through on the group link. But perhaps you can get in touch?

    If you have been trying to reach other buyers perhaps some publicity in the UK's biggest selling Sunday broad sheet might help.
  9. timd

    timd New Member

    Hi Steve,
    I have purchased in phase 1 block A and would like to join the group. Can you please send me details of the web site that you mention. Thanks. Tim
  10. hotprt

    hotprt New Member


    Hi There
    If the journalist wants a good story for the papers he should also include the Pearl II in Bansko where one developer shot the other and we have all been left high and dry ! The moral do not invest in Bulgaria !
  11. Susan Emmett

    Susan Emmett New Member

    Thanks. It all sounds very interesting but I can't write anything unless somebody contacts me and we have a proper chat. If there is anybody interested in telling their story please PM me.
  12. hotprt

    hotprt New Member

    Hi Susan
    You can email us if you like [email protected] and my appologies I called you a he !
  13. kevin lam

    kevin lam New Member


    Hi Steve,
    I am one of the investor of Orchard apartment through Bulgaria Dreams,would you please contact me asap .Iwould like to join the group ,thank-you.

    yours sincerely,
  14. Oggie165

    Oggie165 New Member


    Hi there,

    I, like many of you watched the Watchdog programme last night and wasnt really that encouraged. I have bought in Phase 2 of the orchard and am at the position whereby i cant get any answers from anybody.:mad::mad::mad:

    If someone could post a link to the google group i would like to join it too.

    Many thanks
  15. kevin lam

    kevin lam New Member

    you can contact the group of people who have the sama situation by seaching google (The Orchard Action phase 2 and 3)

  16. Lysos

    Lysos New Member

    "Bulgarian Dreams" was featured on BBC's 'Watchdog' last night. Owners legged it with the money, projects abandoned. More like "Bulgarian Nightmares".
  17. Oggie165

    Oggie165 New Member

    Yeah it would seem that way.
    The letter however seems to indicate that everything is fine and dandy and they have only closed thier London Office.
    So,has Bulgarian Dreams/Berkely Square Trading been wound up, or just keeping a low profile?
    Essentially they were only the agent, surely the more prominent question is whether or not the developer is still playing the game? The contract is between the developer and us.

    Has anyone actually contacted this "developer" (and i use that term loosely) or has he jumped ship too, also has anyone physically been to Bansko to look at the Orchard site? There didnt seem to be too much mention of it last night.
    I have been to Bansko with another well know property company that the forum wont let me name, a few years ago and it seems to be a minefield of good honest people and unfortunatly alot of muppets who are out to rob you.
  18. JJJ

    JJJ New Member

    Membership Request

    Hi Steve, Would like to join the group please can you forward me the web address.

    Many thanks,
  19. Diz

    Diz New Member

    I have not bought on this development but you may like to team up with others who have on eye on worldwide chat forum
  20. Lysos

    Lysos New Member

    According to Watchdog the couple who ran Bulgarian Dreams were also the developers, and both offices in Sofia are closed.

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