The most desirable city to invest in Morocco

  1. Casablanca

    1 vote(s)
  2. Rabat

    3 vote(s)
  3. Fès

    7 vote(s)
  4. Marrakech

    18 vote(s)
  5. Agadir

    7 vote(s)
  6. Tangier

    29 vote(s)
  7. Meknès

    0 vote(s)
  8. Oujda

    2 vote(s)
  9. Kenitra

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  10. Tétouan

    13 vote(s)
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The most desirable city to invest in Morocco

Discussion in 'Morocco Property' started by RedSeaVision.com, Oct 29, 2007.

  1. RedSeaVision.com

    RedSeaVision.com New Member

    I would like to get opinions on the best place to invest in Morocco. Like rental return, English friendly, food, easy flight access, and so on.
  2. The Soup Dragon

    The Soup Dragon Senior Member

    Haven't voted. I'd be tempted to plump for Essaouri if it were listed. Accessibility (flights) and Atlantic coast (wind / rip tides) are the downsides. When Plan Azzure resort is next door this place could be special - Morocco's prettiest coastal town will be on the doorstep of a World Class resort.
  3. JeanLiggett

    JeanLiggett New Member

    best city to invest in

    Hi, Are we talking right now on in the next few years? I think in the next 2/3 years it will be Tangier. It's 16km from Spain, and easily accessible on the ferry. Once the port in the old town is redeveloped, cruise ships will be stopping there. /Also, the budget airlines will be coming in soon. The Moroccan government has recognised that northern Morocco has been severely under-invested for many years, and they are now playing catch up. The new port 35km east of Tangier is now open, and is reckoned over the next few years to become the biggest port in Africa. The government is marketing Tangier as a major business centre and a place for businesses to outsource resources, call centres, automotive and other skills and semi-skilled jobs. Nissan-Renault is opening a large auto plan in 2010. Tangier area has great weather and the cool breeze whereas Marrakech is oppressively hot. I think the English food will start to migrate to this area. Marrakech has had big price jumps already. So much more opportunity for Tangier. I find the people in Tangier to be very friendly. Tangier used to be an international city and a glamorous one before independence and it aspires to creating this again.

    I hope this helps.

  4. Na Fianna

    Na Fianna New Member

    I am in the process of purchasing in Tangiers because it appears to be one of the up and coming cities in Morocco. I read recently that this city will soon be seen as the gate way to Africa. I might be wrong but you have to say that from an investment view point that the entry into the market is reasonable compare to some investments and capital growth is forcast in around 15% which might be optamistic but never the less even if it falls short of that target it might be worth enrty. I beleive there is major re-development and with the new budget flights entering the equation well how know's. As investment's go I think Tangier is one for the future. I would love to know what other think.
  5. Investy

    Investy Senior Member

    Na Fianna

    I think youre right on Tangier. I'm hearing that a lot of Russians and Spannish are buying there as it's opposite thier current enclaves in Spain. 10 years from now I think the best address's in Tangiers will command very high prices.

    A Brit freind of mine has recently relocated his textiles business from the UK to Tangiers.
  6. allnewmorocco

    allnewmorocco New Member


    I like both Tangier & Tetouan having bought two units off plan their both have improved significantly since going their 3 years ago just need to sort Tangier port out now

    The real key is their closeness to Spain in my opinion along with the new container port the area will be a hive of industry from a toursm and trade point of view with demand for housing from ex pats and locals pushing up prices

    Also the fact the king has admitted the area has had significant under investment under his father and he's keen to put this right
  7. invest in morocco

    invest in morocco New Member


    as a moroccan my opinion is that the best place to invest in morocco is tanger very nice city and u can fine everything there ,even us we doing a big project there and we looking for investors
  8. RedSeaVision.com

    RedSeaVision.com New Member

    That is where I have decided to look.
  9. invest in morocco

    invest in morocco New Member

    yes it is the best place to have project in so do u have any project there or u just looking to start there bcoz for us we looking for investors we have allready project and some investors and we need more bcoz it is a very huge project
  10. Zela

    Zela New Member


    I hope that tourism doesnt turn Morrocco into another English colony - why should one be seeing more of English food in a non English country. Such nonsense - I would like to see the Morrocco preserve its culture & religion and not become another anglicised industrial mess.

  11. lurcher21

    lurcher21 New Member

    Zela speaks for himself ,and I dont know for what reason he made this statement and such crappy reaction.
    In Morocco you can find all types of food , Moroccan, Middle Eastern food , Chinese, McDonalds and all other food.
    English food can only add more choices , spice, and give it an International image, just like in any towns and cities in England.
    I myself, I lived in Hull and had a restaurant there. There are Moroccan people like myself who have Moroccan restaurants serving Moroccan food alongside food from other countries. I dont see any problems with that , nor do English people. You make your choice.
    In England you can find any type of restaurant , you can start looking from letter A to letter Z and you will find a restaurant / nationality.
    This is what makes the UK a different and interesting country , exciting and not boring like many others.
    The Moroccan government and the Moroccan people welcome the investment, regardless of where from.
    Moroccanly yours.
  12. andrejunger

    andrejunger New Member


    I totally agree !! With Tanger MED and all the development and industrial projects in Tangier , I'm sure it will become one of the top cities of nothern africa in the near future !

  13. Lee Filkins

    Lee Filkins Administrator Staff Member Premium Member

    Where are the prices now. Where will they be in 2009 ????
  14. Tangier

    Tangier Member

    I would have said Tanger but things where moveing forward but looking at it now
    i dont think so...... why the Moroccans ????thay will not move forward the pepole from Tangier only want to sleep and get the money for nothing.

    Moroccans from many parts of Morocco come to work in Tangier like from Rabat Casa but after a short stay thay go back never to return.... so if i was you look outside Tanger...........
  15. Tangier

    Tangier Member

    I wouldnt bother

    I wouldnt waste your money the amount of racism towards foreign investors is incredible I have lived here now for 3 years and Im now returning to the UK

    Every day is a battle of wills not only with language although I speak french, but with corruption with authority even to get a telephone line is a mamoth task requiring plenty of backhanders.

    The expat community is shrinking along with the many real estate companies pulling out beacuse of the many problems. Dont beleive the brochure hype the return on property rental is minimal there are many unfinished and empty projects

    Invest at your peril be warned there are plenty of locals waiting to pounce on the next unsuspecting victim, europeans are seen as an easy source of non taxable money source. Be very careful with property deeds I am currently helping one British Lady fight through the courts to correct the deeds to her flat, she signed arabic papers and does not own the property after spending £80,000.

    Even finding a repuible lawyer is dificult, the British Consul is closing in Tangier when the current consul retires. You will constantly paying just to exisit from day to day just for basic amenities,

    Dont forget the taxation system all the brochures tell you you are tax exempt for the first 5 years this is not true I sold one property after 3 years and had to pay the full 20% tax on the profit, its scams everywhere its one rule for locals and another for europeans
  16. Tangier

    Tangier Member

    Well i think Tangier will be but must say B. As Moroccans in tangier dont like change,and that is what the King is trying to do.
    But i must say that i have been liveing here for a long time, and i used to rent out my own apartments but no longer.

    Yes tanger is and will be easy to get to but so is the rest of Morocco.

    But i think that tangier will be a gost town with a lot's of apartments being built and sold as holiday apartments not used in the winter the town will be empty,many parts of the city is like that now with whole blocks of apartments closed up untill the summer.
  17. esmerelda

    esmerelda New Member

    Agreed, we bought in asilah precisely because it doesn't get hordes of Brits...
  18. Lee Filkins

    Lee Filkins Administrator Staff Member Premium Member

    Asilah apart from the Moroccans had most visitors from Spain and France. This will not be the case when the all the new developments will be released.
  19. esmerelda

    esmerelda New Member

    yes..i know ...that's what's worrying me...at the moment it's a pretty nice laid back kind of place.....
  20. Lee Filkins

    Lee Filkins Administrator Staff Member Premium Member


    If you think it is laid back now. You should have seen it five years ago !!!!

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