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The Greens

Discussion in 'Morocco Property' started by gbdahew, Nov 22, 2007.

  1. gbdahew

    gbdahew New Member

    Hey Marsdei-nice to know Im not the only person on the planet who has a property on The Greens!! Ur the only other active person I see on the forums who has bought there. where are they all. Maybe their keeping all their info to themselves!!:)
  2. marsdei

    marsdei New Member

    At the initial purchasing stage there were alot of us about, this was before your time on here! Most of them I think reside at the saidia forum website.

    I am aware of a number of people buying on my block, am at 0602! Where are you?

    I find a lot of investors only tend to view the forums when they need advice. But then some of use are saddiest enough to subscribe to new thread alerts!
  3. gbdahew

    gbdahew New Member

    I bought 0306D in the end. And I do a spreadsheet of all the sales on The Greens to monitor how well their doing every week !!! Bet u dont feel like such a saddo now!
    P.s Dont tell a soul.
  4. syrup

    syrup New Member

    Ha.. yes a little sad but if you have the time why not. I have 0722E.
  5. Investy

    Investy Senior Member

    I wish they would improve the photos on thier website - they are too small to really see which is a shame as the golf green photos are a lot better than those on lejardindefleurs website
  6. simon b

    simon b New Member

    hi ive also bought on the greens 911D
  7. gbdahew

    gbdahew New Member

    hello simonb77 have u noticed the slight price increase recently- looks like another 2.5%. thats over a 10% increase since I bought in Sept!
  8. simon b

    simon b New Member

    I cant say that I did notice, how much do you think the greens property will
    increase in the future after 2010.
  9. gbdahew

    gbdahew New Member

    Price increase The Greens

    I have no idea but I have just been told that The Greens has had another increase of 5% last week. In my case I bought for just over £112000 in Sept 07 and it would sell for just under £129000 now- obviously the resale market needs to take pff but I am not in it for the short term. I want to rent out my property but have not seen any decent rental companies out there yet. Has anyone got any info on whos offering what?
  10. Investy

    Investy Senior Member

    I understand the Governments own rental company 'Azure Management' will run the rentals. Previously a Swiss rental company was mentioned.

    It's too early yet, I suspect rental companies want to see most of the site completed before they can engage. I thought 2010 would be the year, afterall, Saidia is part of 'vision 2010', but others tell me 2011 will be the year the site is fully completed.

    3 hotels are pretty well built now - they are shown on lejardindefleurs website.
  11. Mr Ri

    Mr Ri New Member

    Renting your Mediterrania Saidia property

    There are a number of websites starting to appear aimed at helping owners rent and service their saidia property, although most of them are a bit basic. You may want to check out the attached document which is aimed at those who are starting to think about renting.

    Attached Files:

  12. gbdahew

    gbdahew New Member

    Thanks Mr Ri - I do feel that although the resort wont be totally complete for a couple of years yet , the fact that the Barcelo and the Iberostar Hotels are taking bookings from June this year leads me to think enough of the facilities are up and running and by January 2009 I should be able to get bookings. T hats why I want to check out whos offering what. Great site by the way !! The hints and tips for marketing your property successfully were excellant.
  13. Investy

    Investy Senior Member

    Mr RI
    Cannot get your website to come up.

    Do you know anyone who would want to buy some website domains I own, suchas
  14. Mr Ri

    Mr Ri New Member

    The site is up and running :confused:. I'm not 'old enough' to post a URL, but there's a link in the footer of the pdf I attached if you'd like to try again.

    As you will guess from the pdf I posted, I'm really interested in owners strategy for renting on Mediterrania Saidia?
  15. howellmr

    howellmr New Member

    The Fairway Villas

    Hey all,

    Nice to meet some fellow Azur investors. I've bought a 2 bed Villa in Block 1 of the Fairways.
  16. exfcsm

    exfcsm New Member

    I have an apartment on AP6 that is ready for rental and is being used mainly by those investors who are going out to sign for their properties. Please take a look at Saidia Holiday Rentals on google, in case you need somewhere to stay on site if & when you visit.
  17. Feebib

    Feebib New Member

    We're also at The Greens in apt 703E, bought in September 2006 so hoping it's gone up by at least 10% by now.

  18. Mr Ri

    Mr Ri New Member

    You may interested to see a video of the interior of The Greens apartments that Azur Developments have recently published on their website - click here.

    If the finish on the completed apartments meets the standard portrayed in the video, then I think our selection of The Greens as a great value for money investment will have been justified. :D

    We just need the rest of Mediterrania Saidia to get its skates on, and deliver the same standards.
  19. Investy

    Investy Senior Member

    Surely thats a computer generated vid? No reflection in the mirror of the camera operator and the camer movements are just too smooth.
  20. howellmr

    howellmr New Member

    I already posted this on the Saidia Site Report thread but it may be of interest to you "Green" folks that might not have seen it.

    Here is a response from Azur Developments to a number of questions I had.
    Hope this information is helpful in answering similar questions you all might have had.
    My questions are in italics
    We have taken a little time in responding in order to ensure that we can give you the most up-to-date information concerning Saidia.

    As you will understand, we are not able to comment on those issues concerning deliveries etc.... by other developers, but we are able to give you full replies to your questions concerning the Greens and Fairways.

    What is your latest expectation that the resort will in a state that it will be attractive and attract many visitors?
    We remain confident of the success of Saidia. We are aware that both Addoha and Fadesa also take its success very seriously as there have been regular meetings between both themselves and representatives of the ministry of tourism, as well as with the Minister himself, in the last few weeks in order to move things forward. Such top level involvement from the government is an obvious sign that this Azur Plan project will be a definite success, as it is key to the other 5 projects. As you will understand any merger between companies, such as has happened between Addoha and Fadesa will create some delays due to administration and contractual requirements. Mediterrania Saidia is not immune to this and we biding our time with this process.

    What is your scheduled completion date for The Fairways Townhomes?
    Completion for the townhouses remains on schedule for June 2009.

    Has the stike spread over to your construction? Visitors to the Saidia report lately reported very little construction going on at any of the sites. If so what impact will this have?
    We have suffered some disruption as a result of the strike, whilst our contractors renegotiated their contracts with Addoha/Fadesa, but these have now been resolved in the main and we are expecting the resumption of construction by the first week of May. However these delays will not impact our completion dates as our construction is already well-ahead of schedule.

    Why in your opinion has only one hotel commited to the Saidia Resort? What do they know that we don't? The Property Showrooms Greens brochure states "11 resort hotels run by some of the worlds most recognized brands" Can you name some of these recognized brands that have committed?
    As far as we are aware 3 hotels are presently committed to the resort – Barcelo; Iberostar; Globalia. We also understand from our Saidia representative that construction has re-commenced on all three developments and we expect news on an official opening date in the near future. In addition to this, we also know that Addoha have charged a specialist company, established by the former Moroccan Tourism Minister, with the development of the hotels on the resort.

    What affect has the recent credit crunch and worldwide property crisis had on your sales? I have noticed a slowdown in units reserved and also that you are offering new incentives to purchasers, golf memberships, guananteed rentals, etc.
    The credit crunch has obviously affected all property markets and we have not been untouched by this. We are however relieved to only be selling Morocco because this remains one of the top emerging markets at present so close to Europe. We are attracting buyers from the UK and Spain who no longer see these home markets as safe investments, as all indications are that these will continue to fall. We are also finding that the strength of the Euro has started to generate more interest in Morocco. The reason for the incentives is that we are in the fortunate position of having more than 65% sold (particularly The Greens) and the prime units havegone. As such these incentives are in place for the less desirable units that remain.

    What assurance can you provide that Azur Developments will not face the same financial problems as Fadesa and Superior?
    Azur Developments is a small diligent company with low overheads and gearing and its focus purely on Morocco and its own developments. Morocco still has plenty of room for growth because the prices are considerably lower than those in mainland Europe and with Easyjet / Ryanair / Jet4you all having announced and due to announce new Moroccan routes this will continue to be one of the best destinations in which to invest.
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