The Greens - deposits reduced! & questions

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Hi All

Newbie here, first post, I’m very interested in buying in the Greens solely as an investment.

Several questions:

Which is the best Block to buy in?

What floor is the best to buy and why?

Are Saffron Villas the only people selling the greens?
If others then who offers the best prices?

I noticed that the deposit on the Greens has been reduced from 40% (20% x2) to 30% (15% x2)!Why have they done this? Are they experiencing problems with selling the development?



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The Greens (and Fairways)

Hi Danny,

The Greens and Fairways cut their payment structure in order to generate a little more interest in the product. they don´t have the marketing machine that Property Logic, Fadesa, Tasa and Superior have and if you look at the availability lists, there is no problem selling the units. You also have to remember that whereas Saffron were trying to sell the project by themselves (more agents have it now - see Property,every TD&H is selling JDF and Oasis.

It´s a pretty decent product, is on "AP" plots (rather than "RT") comes fully furnished and a good price. Please send me a pm if you want brochure/availability etc.



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How many businesses have you come across that drop prices where they can flog products at the full price unless they were struggling to sell them?


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Does anyone know if there is a metro station coming up in the greens? I've heard theres one in TECOM? Is the a walking distance?
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