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    Summary of new overview
    to overcome housing problem
    better than mortgage pledge law to the country
    { law of finance estate }
    There are not housing problem from financial view , the prove for that there millions of vacant apartment in all countries and as example Egypt the statics (2017 ) indicates there are 10 million vacant housing unit also the people expense more than 350 billion Egyptian pound so we can say there is no housing problem from financial view.
    So the solution is legal solution, my working paper is :-
    1- New rent formula
    2- Establishment housing fund gives free interest loan
    3- Transit from recent case to desire case
    despite in capitalism system considers the housing as a merchandise and the socialism system considers it as a service . in my working paper is a necessity which could be flown down if it is available without definig the property or rent and should place housing sector in the service of production sector and the least financial refund from the production .
    1-New rent formula
    the current rental systems are
    a – The old law { constant value , un limited period ] and although it is proper from the legal status and correct from religious status it has been failed because it is not suitable as a relation forever .
    b - The law which define rental agreement for a limited period and secondly the contract will be done at the end of contract .

    therefore , I submit my thoughts to solve housing problem briefly as follow :-
    a – To prepare special record to each housing unit including the names of owners and renters and the numbers refers to the code of city ,area ,district ,street , building and flat number .
    b- The ministry of housing proceed economical research to estimate now average value rental of square meter [ m2] to the housing unit and then this value is equivalent in material from weight unites for three supply merchandise [ for example if rent of square meter [2] two Egyptian pound [ l .e] it is equivalent in material price / kilo of rice or half kilo of beans or kilo of sugar or rice becomes the value of the square meter continuously ( named the real estate rental pound) in the condition that the ministry of housing will prepare on 1/1 & 1/7 yearly a notice to the value of real estate rental pound .
    c- The rental value to the housing units equal multiply flat area by advertised real estate rental pound value .
    d- Rent contract for the first period will be for five years and renewed yearly automatically unless if is in two cases the owner wants to sell the flat and (the renter should have the priority of purchase ) or if one of the sons age reached 21 years and interested to marry .
    2-Estiblishment housing fund gives free interest loan
    to establish a fund for housing for constructing new housing or to give loans without benefited to whom is interested in construction or housing and Perhaps an agreement could be occurred between the owner and the renter, which new renter will pay the cost of finishing the flat or its construction and to be deducted from the rent and also the owner could undertake the necessities of building for reconstruction contracting with the companies with the warranty ( guarantee) of the housing fund ( or aged and ever articles ) in condition that the pledging or its availability should be recorded in the estate strategist to the building or the flat and sales should not be done unless repaid the loan :
    its resources as follows :-
    a- a tax of non – occupation
    (To assume a monthly tax on the owners of estates as per flat area in case of non- allowance to sell it or rent it in only one exception ( one flat or housing unit ) to the owner without taxation and note that defining housing unit will be done only by the owner even if the owner considers all the building as a housing unit) .

    b- tax of non – occupation lands

    c- b)a fine of the minimum limit of water and electricity and (to assume a tax of minimum limit of electricity consumption and water per specified pieces will be paid in case of reducing water and electricity consumption under this limit and to be completed to tax limits except employees working in abroad )

    d) insurance and its refund which the renter pays to the housing fund ( every new renter should pay money as per specified pieces in the estate register to be paid to the owner a sum of money equal another rent of six months at the end of rent contract for refurnishing the flat) .

    f- Third ( one to three) the profits of commercial centers which will be held on the different neighborhood (To establish an assembly in each new neighborhood ( late in old cities) social service consumption center with specified services and shares of assembly should be distributed as per housing units in the neighborhood and profits should be distributed equally among residents of the neighborhood and housing fund and services of neighborhood for cleanliness and others)
    g- value of renting the housing units will be rented in the new cities whenever we need to rent(For renting the flat in new cities which owing to government destination with installments to pay the rental value to the housing fund in the condition that the owner will pay to the governmental destination the quarter of the flat value in this case the owner will stop paying the installments) .

    h- the value of renting the buildings its owners will release it after compensating them with lands in new cities and giving them loans (any owner of building has the right to release his building against similar or larger area of land in new cities or new areas completely with its fellows in addition to a good loan( without profits) to be paid on installments and renting the building for a period of ten years).

    3-Transit from recent case to desire case

    a) It is should to the renter( old renters who follow the the old law only) to replace his flat with another renter with owner”s permission in the condition that both of them as a second renter .
    b) old renting it will be under two rental relations in the condition that the higher rental value will be for the welfare of the owner:-
    - rental relation between the owner and the renter .
    - legislation from the government to stipulate that rent value of housing unit for the coming five years zero and reaches to the quarter of rent value to similar flat in area according to suggested rent law and reaches to the half after another five years and to three quarters five years , it means that after 20 years the rental value will be equivlent will the housing unites in countries as per its area only .
    c) For old rent the renter could rent the flat to the son of the owner or any person the owner agrees on him upon new rental value as second renter whereas the rental relation will be remained between the owner and renter according to to the last item .

    The rules which business based on :
    1 – no any taxes on used land or housing unit .
    2- the working paper shift the role of state from insurance to empowerment
    3- the working paper policy will refine real estate investment and kill it , keep real estate construction process and let it fellow the country development .
    3 – rent is only for exception and the increment in rental value when renew rent contract is void and usury.
    4 – housing only when the person belonged housing unit .
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