The Construction Sector Grew 2.8 Times within 14 Years!

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    The 32nd General Assembly of the Turkish Contractors Union held its first meeting yesterday. The Council noted that the construction sector in Turkey has grown 2.8 times over the last 14 years, which is very crucial for investors wishing to work and invest in the real estate sector in Turkey.
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    The Deputy Prime Minister of Turkey, "Mohammad Shimshak", who participated in the meeting stressed that the Turkish operators play a large role outside the country and sign many successful projects’ deals in many countries, and pointed to the need to focus on the services sector, which is also one of the promising sectors for a developmental Sustainable economy.
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    He added that the contracting sector is very bright and promising and will play a major role in the near future. This sector is given a great importance in order to reach more sustainable buildings and to withstand the external conditions in terms of earthquakes or other measures that make buildings more sustainable. This sector is also important in terms of the securing employment opportunities for a large number of people and adding a value to the national economy in this way.
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    The construction sector accounted for 3.4 percent of the total economy, 7.6 percent of the economy, and employment opportunities have grown from 4.5 percent to 7.3 percent for the time being, he said.

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