The Confident Property Investor Course - Round 2

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Hi All

As promised, we'll be offering the webinar portion of our soon to be released property course for the second time free of charge over the next two weeks.

As a reminder;

At Nova Financial Group, we are in the process of developing an online training course aimed at those starting out in property investment or those that haven't had a clear strategy to date, we want to test it out on the Property Forum community to refine the content, gather feedback and ultimately offer more value to those that need it.

It is 12 modules and we will deliver each in a webinar format over a period of two weeks. We have already offered the first course at midday today and woudl love to see more of your in the upcoming modules, the first of which is at 6pm today.

Please read over the below material overview and if at all interested, register for the first module webinar at the below link, we will produce subsequent module registrations also just in case you'd like to pick and choose between modules;

The Confident Property Investor Course

IMPORTANT NOTE: This course is not a get rich quick scheme, there is no hocus pocus magic involved, you will learn the practical fundamentals of personal finances, goal setting and investing in property to achieve financial goals BUT we are very frank about the fact that you do need money to invest. Anyone that tells you otherwise is being disingenuous. We really look forward to helping you become a confident property investor and we hope that this education will set you and others on the right path to success to property investment success.
We have just run the first module of round two of our Confident Property Investor Course and would love to see some more of you in the coming modules. It is being offered by the three executives at Nova Financial Group with combined Property & Financial Advice experience of over 30 years including thousands of property transactions, so plenty of value to offer.

As a reminder, this is what we will cover, the timings of each and you can register above, any questions, please ask;

Module 2 – Understanding your Current Situation - 6pm Tuesday 26 May

Where are you at now with regards to your finances?

  1. Parts of ‘your finances’:
    1. Assets explained (lifestyle & investment – Liquid & Illiquid)
    2. Debt explained (good & bad)
    3. Net position
    4. How much of your net position do you live In
    5. How much of your net position could you live On
Follow Up Action Points: Fill out our ADNIO table and income spreadsheet.

A - Assets

D – Debts
N – Net Position
I – Living In
O – Living On

Outcome: Know your asset position & your budget.


Module 3 – How to think about your Goals- 12:30pm Thursday 28 May

  • How to think about your goals? Your why and how much you will need?
  • Start with the end in mind
  • Difference between financial goals and lifestyle goals?
  • What is a passive income and why do you need it?
  • How much passive income will you need?
  • When will you need it (timeframe)?
  • How does a passive income goal translate into an investable asset base?
  • Piecing it all together.
Follow Up Action Points: Use our budget spreadsheet to determine your budget to work out passive income to pay expenses and passive income goal for a comfortable retirement and/or financial freedom.

Outcome: Have a clear goal of what you want to achieve.

Module 4 – To borrow or not to borrow? - 6pm Thursday 28 May

  • How to think about an investment strategy
  • The investment landscape
  • Cash portfolios versus leverage
  • Why borrow
Follow Up Action Points: Based on ADNIO table and budget, determine whether cash or leveraged investments makes sense for you.

Outcome: Understand if you or a leveraged buyer.
Module 5 – What investor am I? - 12:30pm Friday 29 May

What strategy options are available (different type of investors and what suits each)?

  • Lemon squeezer
  • Active investor
  • A passive wealth creator
  • Rentvestor? pros and cons.
Follow Up Action Points: based upon the points raised, determine what type of investor you are.

Outcome: Know which strategy is best for you.

Module 6 – Property Fundamentals - 6pm Friday 29 May

Understand the fundamentals of investing in property;

  • Property Fundamentals AS AN INVESTOR
  • Borrowing capacity (you and the property)
  • Types of property investment (BTL, HMOs, Short Term Let etc)?
  • Locations
Follow Up Action Points: make a choice on what type of property you’d like to invest in and understand borrowing capacity in relation to BTL.

Outcome: Understand the fundamentals and know your borrowing capacity.

Module 7 – The Property Cycle. - 12:30pm Tuesday 2 June

What is the property cycle?

  • Understanding the proposed cycle
  • Why is it important or is it important
  • How to estimate where we are in the cycle?
  • Can different areas be at different points?
Follow Up Action Points: understanding the property cycle and estimating where.

Outcome: Know what the property cycle is and where we are at with it.

Module 8 – Blue Chip & Speculative investments - 6pm Tuesday 2 June

What is a Blue-Chip investment?

What is a Speculative?

Who should invest in what and who should invest in both?

What to look for?

Follow Up Action Points: Identify which makes sense for you and determine two locations, using our framework.

Outcome: Which property type should you focus on

Module 9 – Location and Situation - 12:30pm Thursday 4 June

Where should you invest?

  • Finding the right situation in a given location
  • Price point
  • Gentrification
  • Expected yield
  • Growth factors
Follow Up Action Points: Find two locations that make sense to invest in now and understand the reasons why.

Outcome: have identified specific locations to invest in

Module 10 – Finding your price point & dwelling type - 6pm Thursday 4 June

  • Understanding average pricing and what makes sense as an investment
  • Entry price point (what is the minimum and what is sensible)
  • Target market
  • Dwelling types (flats vs houses and subgroups within that)
  • Age: Brand new, off plan or older properties
Follow Up Action Points: Determine what your price point and target market is and find properties that fit your selection criteria.

Outcome: narrowing down what makes sense for you

Module 11 – Investment Modelling & Stress Testing - 12:30pm Friday 5 June

Basics of financial modelling

  • What are forecasts?
  • What to include?
  • Understanding model inputs
  • Understanding model outputs
  • What is stress testing and why is it important?
  • Example cash flow analysis and capital growth forecasting
Follow Up Action Points: Use our modelling spreadsheet to determine what the expected return will be.

Outcome: Understand financial modelling for property

Module 12 – Selection & Negotiation - 6pm Friday 5 June

How to select the right properties based upon what you’ve learnt so far

Negotiation techniques

Follow Up Action Points:

Outcome: be in a position to select a property to invest in.