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The Colony, Bogaz

Discussion in 'Cyprus Property' started by chandra, Apr 12, 2009.

  1. Lysos

    Lysos New Member

    The original poster, chandra, has gone very quiet. Looking at other threads he may well have had his fingers burned in other countries as well.

    I did warn in April '09 that this development may never happen & was pilloried for my views. I take no satisfaction in saying 'I told you so' but if just one potential purchaser was put off by this thread, then - good !. Mind you , chandra did claim it was sold out, to mainly cash buyers, so someone has done very nicely out of this.
  2. jabo

    jabo New Member

    I am new here on this forum.
    I got the letter from London that I should be a creditor of Aston Lloyd.
    I have invested since 2007 in the Colony.
    I paid 95%.
    I supose all the money is gone now?
  3. metrospective

    metrospective New Member

    The Colony Investor

    Hi Tinpig

    I also invested in The Colony and I have to say that I am fairly pleased with Aston Lloyd's service. I have been able to view progress on the construction and it has sort of set my mind at ease.

    As far as the value of the property goes, I guess we'll have to see... It's my plan to keep the property for another 18 months after completion and to then assess the market value.

    Cheers :)
  4. Veronica

    Veronica Administrator

    Obviously an Aston Lloyd employee:stupid:
  5. Lysos

    Lysos New Member

    ...especially as there has seemingly been no progress whatsoever !.
  6. jabo

    jabo New Member

    I invested 1st phase in the Colony.
    I would like to join a group which can take legal action.
    I am dutch, I heard there are more dutchman which have invested in the Colony.
    I will try to find them and maybe we can act in a group and join the english and Irish people.
    Mail address: [email protected]
  7. BernieA

    BernieA New Member

    Aston LLoyd in Administration

    There are lots of other investors who invested in Aston LLoyd in such places as Bulgaria and Turkey etc. The story is very similar everywhere. Some were very close to completion before they got into trouble. Unfortunately, I dont think there will be much cash refunded after the Administrators have finished.


  8. BernieA

    BernieA New Member

    My previous posts on this site seem to have disappeared so I am having to re-satisfy the 5 posts rule before I can include an URL in my post
  9. BernieA

    BernieA New Member

    Anyone who has invested through Aston LLoyd or their marketing partners Obelisk International for one of their overseas developments should by now have been contacted by the Administrators, RE10. If you would like to join a lot of fellow investors in the same boat then join our action group at the address in the message title.


  10. jabo

    jabo New Member

    I am receiving now several mail about people which are involved with Aston Lloyd.

    People who have invested in the Colony Cyprus please let’s get united and mail to Johan de Boer in Holland [email protected].

    We are trying to get all the addresses of the people who are involved.

    Maybe we can try to get the project phase 1 finished somehow so we don’t lose all the money.

    Please send us your
    name, emailadress, phone number, Colony fase 1 of 2, plot nummer, paid amount

    Please join us.


    Jan Bosch

  11. BernieA

    BernieA New Member

    OOps, looks like I broke the rules by having my website address in the title of my previous post. It has been removed. Sometimes these rules are silly. I still need to post one more time.
  12. BernieA

    BernieA New Member

    Does anyone on this site have any experience of dealing with official Administrators in a group context. Are you likely to be more successful or not. Presumably you could approach the Administrators and propose that you would agree to increase your investment level if the development can be saved. Or is he only interested in looking at proposals for the whole business?
  13. BernieA

    BernieA New Member

    If you want to get together with a lot of other AL investors from all the different AL developments then please join the Jagoda Poynte Owners Group on webjam. Sorry, not able to include URL despite this being my 6th recent post.
  14. motormek

    motormek New Member

    Illegal Building

    Hi.i think you are very wise to increase concern about 'investing'.Can you imagine if the project is build on land owned by a Cypriot with British Citizenship like my self.What chances would you have to win a case in Court.I have property in the occupied area of Morphou by the sea and i say is my property as the titles were passed on when Cyprus was a British Colony and the names of Villages are those passed on by the British .Kirne and Lapta etc was not on the British Map.I hope this will change your mind completely.Good luck
  15. barryov

    barryov New Member

    What Construction??? Did you not know that there will be no completion, they have gone into administration, so we have all been scammed.
  16. jmcgreevy

    jmcgreevy New Member

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