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The British are Coming!

Discussion in 'Buying Overseas Property' started by nickmarr, Sep 18, 2007.

  1. nickmarr

    nickmarr New Member

    Traditionally the summer months see a slow down in overseas property purchases and traffic reduces on many overseas property websites. The autumn is around the corner and a new upsurge in the booming overseas property market is predicted in the coming weeks.

    New research from Moneycorp, reveal that the number of people buying abroad rises by as much as 26 per cent in the autumn months¹. An increase of these proportions would push the number of British households with a second home overseas to record levels.

    Seasonal activity in the overseas property market is one feature of what has generally been a booming market over the last few years. Between 2004 and 2006 the number of British people who owned a second home abroad soared from 550,000 to 800,000*. With a further 5.5 million Brits estimated to live abroad and this number growing all the time², it is clear that people are increasingly being tempted by the different cultures, lifestyles and often improved standard of living that other countries can offer.

    I am not sure if all the action going on with the US economy and sub prime stuff along with house price decline predictions in the UK will mean a slow down in people buying overseas property
  2. Lynda Saxton

    Lynda Saxton New Member

    The British are still coming, I agree, I live in a small rural community just outside a lovely market town in the dordogne, when I came almost 6 years ago there were no British families in the immediate vacinity, now there are 8, they seem to be split between retired people and families with young children, but the one thing they all have in common is that they can no longer stand the quality of life in the UK, here they say there is virtually no crime,the health care is second to none, and of course the price of property is much much cheaper than in the UK.
    The French Property market has been slow recently, and people have reduced the prices of their property in order to sell, so it is an excellent time to pick up a bargain, as I beleive Sarkozy's tax initiatives will set the ball rolling again and prices will rise.
  3. nickmarr

    nickmarr New Member

    French real estate has become even more attractive with recent changes in the way French Leaseback property is taxed on its sale. Changes in French law now remove the necessity to pay VAT on French Leaseback properties when they are sold

    Recent research by Bank of Scotland International found that many people wishing to move abroad from the UK would prefer to take up a new home in either Spain or France. For those under the age of 25, Spain was the number one choice. Potential buyers aged 35 to 45-year-old in equal proportion said that they wished to live in Spain and France (5% each). People over 45 stated that they wanted to move to France if the opportunity to relocate into Europe materialised (10%).

    I think France and Spain will always be attractive to the British because it is so easy to get too.

    We have had UK first time buyers buying in France and commuting to London
  4. Lynda Saxton

    Lynda Saxton New Member

    Hi there again,
    France and Spain, have been solid markets for British buyers for more than 30 years, unlike the newer emerging markets which came onto the scene with a bang but now have lost a lot of their glitter, because of people reporting many problems due to the fact the property market in such places is largely unregulated and ripe for scams. This has made potential buyers sceptical and very wary, and rightly so, for example I have to sell my fully renovated property advertised on this site, because of debts I was left due to a divorce, and I have reduced the price by 25%, everybody that has enquired has asked "what is wrong with it" and when I say nothing they dont beleive me., like I said before there are some great bargains to be had right now because of the soft market, but predictions are that things will change soon and prices will rise again quickly.
  5. seannie1

    seannie1 New Member

    The main danger as i see it is this, if you all keep trying to flee each other at this rate it may lead to you all fleeing to the same point of refuge, and thus render your attempt to loose the neighbours for once and for all useless,so a suggestion, to try breaking free from the chains and "wait for it"use your own self functioning brainios to seek pastures/investments aknew,and avoid creating minature versions of what you all seem prepared to break land speed records to confine to history in lifes journal,rather than the sheep in a gap formation for which you are gaining notoriety,remembering always that the comfort of those in front of you having broken a passage is advantagious,but so only if they are not listening to well disguised cock and balls, on which they then proceed to base their move,and alas we accumilate a possy of bodies on the escalator to nowhere,caused by the tactic of using one brain to make multiple extractions and conclusions for anybody who will listen.Bring out the explorer in yourself,asses your best options based on what you can touch and feel,and we may see less "just been taken for a ride" punters expressing ohhs and ahs of contentment, while in many cases referring to lies of fairytale proportions to support the idea of buying a property which on closer examination could charachteristically have been sold to them by a man wearing a balaclava and striped black and white outfit and may find the clues such as as the name being an anagram of rip-off for example,only later to discover how long the promised trillion top notch golf courses take to become so, being closer to a decade than say the promised overnight inspired version ,ryder cup ready in the time it takes to say "ive been given exadurated and creativly knitted cockatoo rather than facts"and that one is likely to find oneselve and indeed ones tenants up to their ball sacks in muck until work finally comes to a close around 2020 give or take,and work can begin on the spacetour aeroship which will be designed to bring happy investors on a liitle trip to outer space, where they will see first hand the source of many of the promises, currently delayed or adjusted but not abandoned,set to resume when the agent is finished laughing his fat arse off at their unrealistic stench,which even the most experienced of daydreamers and soon to be spacetravellers must have had to give a second mistified whiff,before applying einsteins reliable anything is possible theory and returning to sleep,met by a sigh of relief from the, more or less, depending how you see it, truthful by nature, but selective amnesia dogged agent, who forgot to mention the similar but better positioned option which was 25grand less down the road,but one cant be expected to remember minor detail when also dreaming up of incentives worthy of rolling off the pen of Enid Blython.So take your own analysis and see if you can make an estimation of what exists and is possible,looking at your options,thus reducing the number of underinformed,misinformed and simply "had",who grace these pages and others.Others may be offered menial jobs constructing the new Augusta to offset losses incurred as a result of exposure to bare bottomed lies.And for those who need a last resort,the more or less, depending largely on variable and unknown elements, broadly speaking,who is not completely compulsive and has been known to utter semblances of truth once payed, agent,now has the lower priced ones up the road,and can pencil you in at 2,500 less,25k?no must have been a misprint,value with a capitalV etc etc
  6. kiwishep

    kiwishep New Member

    We only get them in the summer and they rarely buy.
    Graham New Zealand
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