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The best investment area in India?

Discussion in 'India property' started by topshotta, Jun 19, 2007.

  1. topshotta

    topshotta New Member

    What area is best for capital gains/rental returns in people's opinion?
  2. nancyarora2020

    nancyarora2020 New Member

    No foreign investment is permitted in the Real Estate Sector, except for development of integrated townships and settlements where FDI up to 100% is permitted with prior Government approval.There are certain entry norms which a foreign investor has to follow while investing in Indian property:
    -The foreign investor should have a Joint venture ( JV) with Indian partner (s).
    - The foreign investor should have a fully owned subsidiary in India.
    -The foreign investor should have be registered under the Indian Company Act (ICA), 1956.
    -The foreign investor should have a record of successful execution of related projects.
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  3. Ricardo123

    Ricardo123 New Member

    As my opinion the top area are: Hydrabad, Banglore, Cochin,Goa,Pune.
  4. iconoverseas

    iconoverseas New Member

    Hi, Baroda is also fantastic. Gotri is an exclusive area of Baroda and we are offering Narayan Gardens where amenities include a Club House and children's play area. let me know if you want more info.
  5. jojomarry

    jojomarry New Member

    Some good area such as Goa, Delhi, if you are going to buy take an online google help, and contact with a property dealer.
  6. Ankit

    Ankit New Member

    Chandigarh will be one of the best option, property market is booming here...
  7. kevinsam

    kevinsam New Member


    In my opinion, All places in India are very good. But Kerala is one of the best investment areas in India.
  8. sim

    sim New Member

    I think Faridabd is the best and only way to go in the NCR (National Capital Region) if you are really willing to get the best out of your investment..
  9. jamhassan

    jamhassan New Member

    Most of the investor focus on big city like on Bombay is the city for the business because many people came in this city. Bombay is the city provide you lot of facilities like education many offices set the city then people spend life easily.
  10. dwarkaapartment

    dwarkaapartment New Member

    my opinion the top area DELHI is the best..
  11. chrisbinder

    chrisbinder New Member

    I agree with you Hyderabad is the best city to investment in any corporate field.I have invested some of my capital in real estate business.And i have gained the unexpected profit in the couple months.
  12. Dave_Velasco

    Dave_Velasco New Member

    Well, they don't allow any foreigner to buy land inside their lands. This is actually somewhat included on their government law.
  13. neha

    neha New Member

    Real estate in Pune, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Delhi NCR, Mumbai are the best areas to invest your money in Indian property.
  14. amankumar242

    amankumar242 New Member

    All places in india are good for investment, But Amritsar is one of the best option.
  15. sriram1872

    sriram1872 New Member

    I agree with nirjas2. As already all cities are populated, its better to invest in and around city area which is the place of future development. 10-12 years down the line, it would be the right place for residents...
  16. sriram1872

    sriram1872 New Member

    As I posted already, all metropolitan cities would be great place for investment, mumbai being the highest...
  17. sriram1872

    sriram1872 New Member

    Mumbai is always a best choice... Flat rates are at the peak now... Can't even dream of buying a land in central mumbai...
  18. officesonrent

    officesonrent New Member

    In my opinion following are top cities for investment in Real Estate Sector in India
    Delhi /NCR

    Best investment in India options are varied, only the investor will have to carefully study the heterogeneous nature of the Indian market before investing his money. There are various elements within the country that work in its favor in attracting global investors.
  19. sruthi

    sruthi New Member

    Gurgaon is also a very good option! The real estate is in huge demand in Gurgaon too!
  20. delhi2gurgaon

    delhi2gurgaon New Member

    For commercial property investment in India, Delhi, Bangalore, Chennai and Ahmedabad are definitely the hotspots. According to current trend , Bangalore has emerged as the most preferred city by hotel companies for expansion as many reputed hotel companies have established their base and develop some master-piece hotel projects in the city. If looking for investment in IT or business parks in India, IT parks in Chennai and business parks in Delhi are best option with all facilities suitable for profitable commercial investment.
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