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THALASSA Beach Resort Bafra Northern Cyprus

Discussion in 'Cyprus Property' started by JulianRy, Sep 23, 2007.

  1. JulianRy

    JulianRy New Member


    I would be interested to know if anyone has any imput on this new development being marketed by Savills due to start in Oct/Nov07

    I understand they have reserved quite a few units off plan 2beds etc but I have heard a few UK punters have cancelled their reservations due to problems re-financing their purchases etc via equity release on UK property especially those Northern Rock customers. I think the 2beds are prices between £56-89,000

    Interested to know if anyone knows the location, what they think of the development and if they have actually signed up for a unit/s?

    Also would you consider this a type of development a good lock up & go long term investment?

    Thanks very much

  2. BalhamBeauty

    BalhamBeauty New Member

    Thalassa Beach


    I have just joined this site. Did you get any responses to your note? I am about to exchange on one of the units. I do not have any information apart from the resort brochure etc so the deal is somewhat speculative but could work out well. I should be very pleased to hear from anyone who is also contemplating a purchase or who has committed.

  3. tmp2105

    tmp2105 New Member

    Thalassa Beach Resort

    Hello there

    I recently exchanged on one of these units and am very happy with it. It ticked all the boxes as far as I was concerned; excellent location, not overdeveloped, secure title, good value, long completion etc. They offer a worthwhile rental plan to take the hassle out of things, but most likely not taking the rental guarantee would be better. Regards TRNC as a whole, I personally do not subscribe to all the hysteria re the legalities. I think that providing you are looking for a long term investment and are happy to sit on it then it will prove to be very good - it's probably half the cost of southern cyprus and better location. If it had been 'exchange' land, which many people are buying their properties on then I would not have gone ahead. The Savills people out there were very good as well. Went out there with a mate looking to invest together, ending up buying one each!
  4. BalhamBeauty

    BalhamBeauty New Member

    Thalassa Beach


    Thanks for your response. Most reassuring. I will try to get out there in the next couple of months and will report back (if it is any use to anyone).

  5. martin73

    martin73 New Member

    I am also interested an will be visiting the site at the end of the month. If anyone wants any specifics answered please let me know.
  6. BalhamBeauty

    BalhamBeauty New Member

    Thalassa Beach


    Thanks for your message. I hope you have a good trip and will be most interested to hear about what you found there. I have no specific matters to raise at this stage but any news will be good.

    Best wishes

  7. martin73

    martin73 New Member

    I am also planning to view some other developments in the more established northern part of North Cyprus. Most people i have spoke to who have either considered or bought at thalassa beach have bought because of the development oppose to the island as a whole and many didnt look at other developments. I want to get some kind of comparision and wonder if anyone contemplated thalassa but bought in another development in north cyprus or vice versa?
  8. Journo

    Journo New Member

    Savilles in Northern Cyprus

    There are a number of Greek Cypriot owners of land in Northern Cyprus very concerned by developments being advertised on the northern coastline and the actual ownership of the land there. Ss told some of them that 'independent Turkish lawyers' (?!) have assured the company there is no problem over the title deeds and that 'the lawyers are associated with Cherie Blair'. Neither statement gives them a great deal of confidence that their own land is 'safe'. And they have problems with proposals for 'casino type'developments there which they believe will just attract prostitution etc. and devalue adjoining land.
  9. shellbell

    shellbell New Member

    Did you visit Thalassa & any others? What were your thoughts/decisions?
    I'm considering Thalassa & Sweetwater Bay, amongst others. Never been to Northern Cyprus, so completely blind at moment.
    Any info re 2 areas & developments would be appreciated.
  10. manor park

    manor park New Member

    Hi all

    I have just received the info on this development and am interested in finding out more, before I look to go out there I would love to hear the thoughts of someone who has been (Martin) or anyone else.

    What is the area like, what is available around the area of the site or is it isolated, what other developments are available in the area.

    Any help on the above would appreciated.

  11. martin73

    martin73 New Member

    Hi everyone
    just back and am proceeding on a 3 bed with pool.
    you need a bit of imagination as its just a large field next to the sea. The beach will need to be tidied and maybe even some sand brought in. its not golden white sand but pretty much virgin coastline. still i think its easier to improve than the northern coast as it is a nice sheltered bay.

    Yes its quite isolated (at the moment) Not much to Bafra but Bogaz which is the next village along is nice with some little restaurants on the seafront. There also is alot going on here in terms of the big bazaar shopping complex and other developments but i would avoid this to buy as planning laws on this side of the coast are more relaxed so could get quite built up. In this respect it will be good for somewhere to go (for shops, bars etc) but could end up like the costas! The coastline here is around the headland from Thalassa so its far enough away.

    There are six hotels being built, one is completed and open (the impressive Artemis) but these to some extent are resort type hotels so i dont know whether they will allow non guests to go there but i would think they probably would. I am not put off by these attracting potential renters to my apartment as they are 5 star quite expensive and will attract tourists from Turkey, Isreal and probably Russia. They all have big vegas style casinos attached and gamberlers are what they are wanting to attract. I´ll be surprised if many will target Brits.

    The hotels are also close by but far enough away so you dont see them from Thalassa.

    In summary i liked North Cyprus, i cant see the situation with land ownership, less than perfect access etc really getting worse only better and if you are prepared to look for the medium to long term prices will no doubt rise as where else can you buy a beach front property for less than 100k on the med?

    Looked at quite a few other developments with 3 beds on the northern coastline and all were good - a little cheaper and a little bigger and some nice villas at not huge amounts more than 100k but for me the fact they are nearly all built on exchange land, you will have to pay for them in full within 18 months and the fact the developments wont have the sort of facilities or be "on the beach" put me off. I didnt see Sweetwater bay so cant really comment on that.

    Happy to discuss anything else.

  12. Jeff Woodstock

    Jeff Woodstock New Member

    Re Thalassa, Someone has told me that it is not ALL on pre 74 title, does anyone know if that is true or just scare mongoring?

    Any information appreciated as I am stuck between Thalassa and Melisas place.
  13. Journo

    Journo New Member

    Checking Title Deeds

    Hi, to establish the exact position, not hearsay, you should be able to check with the Land Registry in the Republic of Cyprus (which holds copies of all the pre-1974 title deeds on the island).

    If indeed the Title Deeds were held by Turkish Cypriots prior to 1974 they will be able to tell you and set your mind at rest. But to be certain about the specific 'plot' you are interested in (rather than the area of the whole development) you would need to give precise co-ordinates.
  14. sheilaskf

    sheilaskf New Member

    Hi Martin
    I have only just joined this site and was interested to read that you are buying an apartment at Thalassa beach. I have just begun the process of buying one of the large studios on the site. I am buying through Savills and haven't appointed a solicitor or anything yet, just paid my £1000 deposit and chosen the studio. Any tips you can offer before I proceed any further would be most welcome or for anyone else as this is my first venture in buying property abroad.
  15. Lysos

    Lysos New Member

    Sheila - get a solicitor (independent from the developer/agent). Common sense to have the contract checked before spending any more money.
  16. Journo

    Journo New Member

    title Deed infringement along the northern 'panhandle' coastline


    I have just been approached by several Greek Cypriots who have, this August, visited land on the beautiful northern coastline which has been in their families for over 60 years.

    I am sorry to say that, in each case, they have reported 'illegal' development on the land to which they continue to hold the original Title Deeds.

    Some of these extensive plots are adjacent to developments being promoted by Savills; other land is in 'Bafra' or nearby villages or close to 'Bogaz'.

    These legal owners are devastated to find that their land has been built on!

    So before you buy anywhere on these stretches, you need to be VERY careful about legal ownership!
  17. Cornholio

    Cornholio New Member

    Something you should know............

    The only place you're likely to find any genuine pre-'74 Turkish-owned land in this area is in or near Bogaztepe/Monarga, which was approx. 75% Turkish before 1974. All other villages along the coastal stretch between Bogaz and Bafra/Vokolidha (except Avgolidha/Kurtulus) were exclusively Greek populated & as such, nearly all land here would legally still be Greek-owned.

    In fact, the present inhabitants of Bafra/Vokolidha (and the neighbouring village of Pamuklu/Tavrou) are almost exclusively Turkish mainland settlers (whose presence is illegal under Article 49 of the 4th Geneva Convention), who would have been given (yes, GIVEN!!!!) large areas of local Greek-owned land upon arrival in order to "encourage economic development", which is exactly what is happening now!!

    And they are marketing this as pre-'74 Title?!?!:confused: I don't think so somehow!!!!

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