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Discussion in 'Thailand property' started by johnny67, Nov 1, 2008.

  1. johnny67

    johnny67 New Member

    i was waiting for this, but waiting i hate and so i found another way of getting not really a property of Thailand just investing in it with a middle man of course. They are buy the property we get the profits (a part of it) i have been with them a while now and it is paying off for me
    twimboe dot com
  2. Sean@Phuket

    Sean@Phuket New Member

    Please tell us more ...
  3. johnny67

    johnny67 New Member

    Hi just visit twimboe[dot]com they can tell you a lot more than me i'am just a client of them
  4. Samuinick

    Samuinick New Member

    How long have you been investing with this firm? What results are you achieving?
  5. johnny67

    johnny67 New Member


    Have been investing since last year, the results i archieve are between 25 - 125% at the moment, i'am very pleased with them, they have a very dedicated support, they response me in the same hour most of the time. I really do recommend it.
  6. egeefay

    egeefay Senior Member

    I was unable to find any information on twimboe except from their own website.
    You would think that any investment opportunity generating 25-125% would generate some buzz on the internet.
  7. johnny67

    johnny67 New Member

    maybe it will, but there is also a time frame to consider with getting your results. At least i still use them when i have more available i will certainly invest my money more into them. I'am simply very pleased with the results and the way they handle each person.
  8. egeefay

    egeefay Senior Member

    Just be very careful
    The news today is filled with devasated victims of ponzi schemes who were duped into returns far more meager than yours and lost their entire savings.
    And they went along with the games for years before discovering they were fooled.

    Good rule of thumb.

    If it sounds too good to be probably is.
  9. charlieboy747

    charlieboy747 New Member

  10. gretasinclair

    gretasinclair New Member

    This company is no longer on the radar Im told?

    Phuket Real Estate
  11. gretasinclair

    gretasinclair New Member

    This company is no longer on the radar Im told?

    Phuket Real Estate
  12. ThailandProperty

    ThailandProperty New Member

    Looks very dodgy to me, I would't go near these schemes with a bargepole. Each to their own I guess. If you have money to invest in Property why not do it off your own back and know exactly where your money is going.



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