Thailand great place for a holiday....



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coming from someone who lived in Pattaya for 7 years take this anyway you like....I have owned property there both condos in my name and houses and land in a company, now back in the U.K and have to say I am so relieved to be rid of my assets there for these reasons.

1, it is over run by older northern english folk all with orangutan looking women

2, the government and thai people in general are extremely xenephobic

3, if ever faced with either a dispute or accusation from a local or expat who is involved with the police you are wrong or guilty

4, the government only want high spending tourists/retirees

5, the place is saturated with property both off plan and re-sale

I could go on but these are some of the reasons not to buy there....

If you are really looking to live there, rent for 6 months first and see if you like it as it is great for holidays but a completely different thing when living there full time!



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I have only visited Pattaya and I would have to agree that it isn't exactly the tropical paradise that people envision when thinking of Thailand.
Because of the active night life, foreigners looking for a good time tend to congregate there. It draws a lot of bar girls and others associated with the sex trade.
Not much you can say about the government but I find the Thai people much friendlier and enjoyable than most people in western countries. As I said, Pattaya tends to draw a lot more people involved in night life...not your ordinary Thais.
If you try to learn to speak Thai and live in a less "touristy" area you might find a whole different and refreshing experience
In any case, if anyone plans to invest in Thailand do "rent first" for 6 months or a year even.
It will give you a chance to find out if you like the weather, the locals and the area. Just be prepared for lots of rain and plenty of heat.
Real Estate in Thailand is in a holding pattern due to, in part, to the uncertainty of the new government so there's no need to rush to buy


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micky, you have lived there for many years owning the property and a company - and it's you decided to settle down in pattaya and not bangkok or any other decent place in Thailand. Looks like you have failed to secure for yourself a long term visa and/or your business went down due to the visa restrictions introduced in thailand in 2006.

if you describe some foreign women as orangutans and you even joke from the brits from the north - than it's you who is xenophobic, as well as agist when mentioning the retirees.

Thailand is a hard place to make money - but is ideal for many for holiday or retirement
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