tennant back rent.


Dave Andersen

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hi ,

I rented a property to a friends son and yes it was against my better judgement and now, of course, yes he is out but still owes me 2 months rent. My friends , his parents have washed their hands of it saying he's an adult now and fends for himself, so I fully expect a few wobbles on the way to reclaim my money, has anyone here had similar experiences? How effective is the small claims court? He is working full time on a rather good job for his father's building company so I know he has income, its the first time Ive pulled a stunt like this and hopefully the last!!

Any advice on small claims court or other ideas Ive had a small amount but he still owes 900 pounds , thanks in advance.



His parents are quite right, he is old enough to look after himself and he signed the deed. So, while I see your situation and problem the young man is responsible for his own actions now.

I would give him one last chance, maybe offer staggered payments, before taking him down the small claims court route. I presume, though I am no expert, this will impact his credit rating – I would make him aware of this as well.