Tanjah Beach & Golf Resort contracts

Discussion in 'Morocco Property' started by yield, Jun 24, 2008.

  1. yield

    yield New Member

    Are you all happy with the legal reports or is there anything you would like changed?

    What about the contracts whats in them? do they stack up?

    How about the rental guarantee?
  2. manor park

    manor park New Member


    I am happy with the legal report and sample contract with it, I have returned mine with a couple of questions on facilities and rental.

    I am told the rental contracts/details should be out before we have to return signed contracts and exchange but I have asked BCP to confirm this.

  3. manor park

    manor park New Member


    Very quiet on here from Tanjah investors ?

    Have you had the Q&A back from BCP ? what did you think ?

    Have you had the rental information from CPS ?

    Or have you all pulled out and that is why its quiet ? :)

  4. doude

    doude New Member

    Hi All

    I am one of the Tanjah beach and golf resort. I still did not receive my contract after more than 1 year and half after reservation.
    Anyone have more up to date information. Is the project still going on? is it still a viable project?
    The Pounds has dropped , would it be a possibility to negotiate the purchase price?

  5. TB009

    TB009 New Member

    Hi Doude,

    I have just joined this forum. Contracts were sent to me by BCP about 2 months ago but I have not signed one yet. I intend to do so in the next few days.

    I have had direct contact with the developer who was friendly on the phone and spent about 30 mins. with me but still has not sent all other info. by e-mail. To my surprise he stated that they will only deal with a Mr Fouad Alami Hamdouni as the Notary Public in Morocco.


    What solicitor have you used and who is the Notary Public in Morocco?
  6. doude

    doude New Member


    It looks like everybody is dealing with the same Notary. This is the name I have as well; Provided by BCP

    Good luck

  7. TB009

    TB009 New Member

    The developer of the Tanjah beach & Golf Resort will not go ahead with the development as envisaged and as per contract. Very annoying to say the least.

    Would any investor like to contribute to this forum as I do not want to waste time if no one is interested
  8. TB009

    TB009 New Member

    I know several have lost admn. and reservation fees and backed before contracts had to be signed by July last year. But now the developer can't develop the resort to the same high standard as envisaged and has given 3 options to investors through our lawyer based in Spain. The third option is to withdraw from the contract and receive only 2% of the purchase price plus all deposits and instalments paid so far.

    I will most likely opt for this 3rd option but am angry at the insulting 2% offered by the developer through my lawyer, BCP. This firm is also acting for about 100 investors but appears to be acting for the developer as well! I would like to be firm and demand more like 10% of the purchase price and all costs from the developer. I and other investors would stand a better chance of getting such a refund if we all act jointly or make the same demands.
    This is why I would welcome contributions from other investors in this resort.
  9. Amin Govani

    Amin Govani New Member

  10. Amin Govani

    Amin Govani New Member


    I am still waiting for my refund.
    Did you get yours?

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