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Discussion in 'Egyptian Lounge' started by GM43, Dec 22, 2007.

  1. GM43

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    Metro supermarket is now open in Hurghada! Located on the road between Dahar and Sakkala, next to Red Sea Hospital.
    They do delivery as well.
  2. Peter Mitry

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    I've heard there's going to be a new Carrefours between Hurghada and Sahl Hasheesh; anyone else know about this?
  3. SHO

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    Beleive it will be called SENZO
  4. SHO

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    By the way I went to the new Metro. It is very nice and very european, although a little small. From the quick bit of shopping I did I thought it was better than Abu Ashra.

    I have also heard that they have affected Abu Ashras Hurghada empire and he has already began cutting the cost of biscuits! :D
  5. GM43

    GM43 Banned

    Yes, they have about 27 stores all over Egypt, also in Sharm.
    They have fresh cheese, meat, chicken and fish. Also warm "ready-to-eat" products, for example: half chicken with rice.
    Some bread is freshly baked in the supermarket.
  6. jeremy bright

    jeremy bright New Member

    there is going to be a Metro supermarket in the Hurghada Village i was told when i was there
  7. icywill

    icywill New Member

    Will they stock electrical items sutch as tv's coffee machines etc.? That would be useful
  8. dave99

    dave99 New Member

    Good location for shopping

    The new Metro is a great location for shopper from the Arabia district (just over the hill).

    Nice to see lots of shop getting bigger. It beena bit of a problem getting a good range of stuff from the small shops.


    The big shop on the south side of Hurghada has been "around" as a shell for a long time - no building work visible last week so still likely to be some time off. It's a very big site with not many apartments etc near it yet.

  9. Lsab

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    A friend of mine who works at the International School in El Gouna, tells me that many of her friends go to Cairo once a month just to do their shopping at Carrefour. I went there just over a year ago and it's huge..and cheap! Worth a thought until one opens nearer Hurghada. Maybe several people could get together and organise a monthly trip.
    (By the way, sorry if this isn't an original thought).
  10. Hi
    Also one of the places you shouldn't miss City Stars its great its in naser city
  11. teekme

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    Went to Metro today. Excellent range of goods, far better than Abu Ashra. Also, they deliver for 3le. This price includes you and your shopping! Great value if you live near the Esplanada.
  12. metro covers all hurghada not only Esplanada its amazing they have a fish market department which realy offer fresh fish and amazing prices they even cook it for you if interested can u believe it wow we was in need for it
  13. dave2u

    dave2u New Member

    can you buy beer and local spirits and how do prices compare with a bar
  14. don\t know but i don't think you can find it there
  15. buy Beer

    As you asked from where to buy beer there is a cafe in El Arosa Square called Tamr Hena you just can go inside and buy it and go out as a supermarket:D
  16. teekme

    teekme New Member


    You can not buy alcohol in Metro or any other supermarket. You can however buy local beer, wine and spirits from the duty free shop in Villages Road. For international brands you are limited to 3 purchases per passport and these must be purchased within 48 hours of arriving. Hope this (hic) helps!
  17. dave2u

    dave2u New Member

    has anyone got the prices for local spirits and beer at these shops as there is not much compatition would be interesting to see what they are charging
  18. teekme

    teekme New Member

    Duty Free Shop

    The prices in the duty free shop in Sekalla tend to be $1 less per item than in the Esplanada duty free shop. However, there are hardly any local brands in the Sekalla shop. There is a better selection of local brands in the Esplanada duty free shop.The price of the big cans of Stella are 7Le.
    The prices of the electrical equipment in the shop next to the duty free shop in Sekalla seem to be expensive compared to elseware.
  19. queenie40something

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  20. johnwayne

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    do you know if they sell microwaves - thanks

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