Sunset apartments, Fez

Discussion in 'Morocco Property' started by JAD, Oct 17, 2007.

  1. JAD

    JAD New Member


    Have just found this forum & am very impressed by all the info.

    I have reserved an apt with Prestige properties in Fez.
    Anyone else looking there?

    I hope to go & view.

    It is also advertised on this site - by Sirocco, but called Exotic apartments, Fez.

    many thx
  2. urbanlinks

    urbanlinks New Member

    Hi Jad,

    I have also put a deposit on sunset apartments in fez, when are you planning to go fez?

    I will be their on an inspection trip mid November, let me know if you will be there around that time.

    Please feel free to contact me on 07957 573632 to exchanges thoughts & idea's?


  3. JAD

    JAD New Member

    Sunset, Fez

    Hi Adam,
    Great to hear from you.
    Don't know when I will get out to Fez. Struggling to get flights that fit in with work & not much holiday left this year is a problem!
    Did you also reserve with Prestige?
    What size?
    i reserved a 3 bedroom, the size was supposed to be 94sqm, but I think it turns out to actually be 85 which am a bit cross about as I feel that's a bit small for 3 bed, 2 bath, especially as it may inc the terrace/garden area aswell. However prices are very reaonable.
    Also they talk about the ski-ing resort at Mischliffen not being far away, but I went on the internet & may be the web-site is out of date, but i don't think they've got any lifts there, the better place in the Atlas seems to be closer to Marrakech. So not sure that's such a good selling point, but someone else may know different.
    There are also rumours that Ryannair could pull out of Fez, however BA are doing flights from Gatwick from £49 each way Tues & Fridays which is pretty good. Renting out could work well doing Fri - Fri then.
    What flights have you booked? We live near Bristol would prefer to fly from here but trying to find something that connects anywhere without a difference of days is hard.
    Many thx.
  4. vulcan903

    vulcan903 New Member

    Hi Adam

    Did you visit Sunest Apts? I am thinking of getting a 3 bed if any are left!

  5. um zineddine

    um zineddine New Member

    Hi everyone,
    I bought a sunset property in fez, and hpefuly it should be ready in this month, i have picture sent to me by my agent, if anyone is intersted, it looks good, but i am looking forward to go there and see it. all the best to all
  6. JAD

    JAD New Member


    Yes I would love to see the pic.

    I was buying there but the contract size of my apt changed so we pulled out. We hadn't had a chance to visit or anything so we didn't know what to do in the end!

  7. um zineddine

    um zineddine New Member

    hi, this is the last picture, i can not wait to see the completion.

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  8. JAD

    JAD New Member

    Sunset Pics

    Thx very much for pics - nice to see something looking complete! I wish now I had carried on with a purchase there!

  9. um zineddine

    um zineddine New Member

    don't worry there is so many other projects, any way i keep you informed about the progress, i will tel you about my experience because i have only seen it on pictures let see the final product how it will look!
  10. badiabestland

    badiabestland New Member


    [i m looking also for investors who bought in fes
  11. um zineddine

    um zineddine New Member

    hi, every one this is the new picture of sunset appartment in fez

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  12. investor_uno

    investor_uno New Member

    Hi I have invested in a few properties in Fez and must say how good they are now looking. I bought from Siroco Estates and they have been most helpfull throughout.
  13. dougal

    dougal New Member


    Hi I have also bought apartment and am now trying to find flights out to complete transaction any thoughts on cheapest way to get there as ryanair not flying anymore.
  14. dougal

    dougal New Member

    Hi I have also bought an apartment from sirocco looking to complete and searching for cheap flights any ideas.#

  15. um zineddine

    um zineddine New Member

    hi everyone,
    i am in fez in sun set apprt, the place is good but i am not happy with the finishing, there are small things but too many, what do you think about yours, let me know:
  16. fred french

    fred french New Member

    hi zineddine i have also bought 1 appt in sunset and i look for contact with others owner to organize ourselves for the "following " cooproprietes ; entretien ect
    We could talk about that if we meet in fes because i am here and i will stay in Fes for fewtime now......
    I hope to see you or to talk with you or others owner as soon as possible ......
    PS : comme l'indique mon pseudo je suis francais on peut donc aussi me parler en francais
    a plus
  17. um zineddine

    um zineddine New Member

    desolee, we missed you we stayed 20 days in fez, it was wonderful, we came back yesterday, but it is never to late we can still be in contact and try to contact other owner, what do you thing about your place?
  18. guillaumetk

    guillaumetk New Member

    bonjour, FRED and hello to the others. I'm French as well and I intend to buy one of this flat very soon. But can anyone tell me how they find their flats there? Is it worth the investment? And do you know anything about the taxes we have to pay every month or every semester? (any taxes d'habitation? impots fonciers charges mensuelles for the swimming pool and the taking care of the building? thank you for your answers ans sorry for the french words. I couldn't get a correct translation ( i meant all the taxes you have to pay)

  19. um zineddine

    um zineddine New Member

    fez appartment

    hi, nice to hear from you i was hoping to get feedback from people who bought in fez too, but unfortunately people seem very busy, i bought appartment in sunset project, i like the place , i am going back in july with my husband and my kids, it is hard to say anything about the investment i am going to check the prices when i go there also see if it is easy to rent it out. I bought with siroco estate what about you? by the way we have to pay a service charge of £450 a year, until now we were not asked to pay a penny, i tried to contact siroco estate in fez, to have more information, but it is like contacting planet Mars. i am sure i am going more information when i come back from fez, good luck with you plans.
  20. guillaumetk

    guillaumetk New Member

    sunset appartments

    Thank you for your answer. Apparently, it's difficult to contact them. I started dealing with nicolas bachelot in Paris, but now I really want to buy one of this flats I have to get in touch with his morocan contact. And so far, I didn't manage to. So I keep trying, but I think i'll have to go to fes very soon. Thank you for the information on the service charges. The prices tend to change from one agency to another. For the same flat it can be a 10000 euros (or pounds) difference. I you get any other information when you get there don't hesitate to tell about, that would be nice. ANd maybe we'll meet some day around the pool. bye guillaume

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