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Discussion in 'Brazil Property' started by JOELINO, Mar 28, 2008.


    JOELINO New Member

    I am looking for suggestions of where to go to shop for furniture, cabinets, closets, etc. in the Fortaleza area. My beachfront apt. in Tabuba Beach is almost finished. A firm by the name of Bclosets was suggested by the developers. I am waiting for more information from them but my initial reaction is that they are very expensive. I would appreciate any suggestions.
  2. PAUL-brasil

    PAUL-brasil New Member

    Hi Joe,
    Glad things are moving on well. I just went into town, Fortaleza Centro and shopped around. From what I saw the Quality is not great but can get some ok stuff, theres loads of small furniture stores cheap enough and they all deliever, (about R$30 delievery to Tabuba i think it was), was more ideal for me though since I have tennants. You can also bargin a bit around there too. For higher quality try the huge shopping centre, its down the south end of the Adalota part of the city.

  3. Sao P

    Sao P New Member

    You are now living in Brasil. What ever you are looking for, get at least 5 quote before you buy anything for the house.
  4. markapple

    markapple New Member

    tabuba condos

    Hi Joe, do you own a condo in the Tabuba condominiums and spas? If so, please contact me with an e-mail address so that I can contact you directly. Mark phasinc @ hotmail . com
  5. Usha

    Usha New Member

    It all depends of the final quality you desire, if it is for you or rental!
    Brazilian furniture varies from the worst to the best, and are priced accordingly! Most of the European stores sell furniture made in Sao Bento (SC) and Bento Goncalves (RS), even IKEA. Tok Stok is our rip off of IKEA, but the quality is better, however, it is not cheap.

    Invest in temperate glass for your shower stalls and good cabinets. Brazilians are adept to have built ins custom made. They are usually cheaper than buying from a store such as Tok Stok or Bontempo. But there are plenty of other options as well.Furniture is commonly made in the south and shipped around the country, but there is always local alternatives. You will have to shop!

    I would suggest you to check furniture made with rattan. They are not expensive and give you a tropical look.

    termites are endemic, but they do not like MDF (low moisture content), which is a better alternative than cheaper softwood. Unless you can invest in hardwoods, go with MDF.

    For mattresses, don't bother with expensive beds. But do not buy cheap foam either. Trorion and Ortobon are good enough. Get density 28. 33 is to hard, and less than that is too soft.

    And get a good sofa, unless it is for rental only. Then go with a cheap one from the popular stores: Casas Bahia, Magazine Luiza, Colombo, etc.

    the cheap ones; casas bahia, magazine luiza, Colombo, Ponto Frio
    better:Tok Stok, Bontempo, Ronconi (not a store, but a brand)

    I am not used to Fortaleza market (I am from Floripa and Maceio). Ask Brazilians there, but middle class type with nice apartments. They may know cheaper local alternatives. I would suspect Ceara has their own manufacturers. look for FABRICA DE MOVEIS on the phone book. One of the best pieces of furniture I have ever bought was on a tiny factory in the suburbs of Rio.

    Good luck!
  6. Usha

    Usha New Member

    I forgot to tell you of a good source. The magazine Casa Claudia has local advertising in the back for certain cities. Check if there is one for Fortaleza. Furthermore, you get a feel of what is desired by people. Brazilians are not traditional, our taste changes with fashion. If you plan to rent it, you have to make it cute. and appealing.
  7. Usha

    Usha New Member

    What do you mean by expensive with BClosets?

    My mom has just made a new closet:
    quote from fancy store R$8.000,00
    got from marceneiro R$4.500,00

    It is expensive nevertheless.

    Cheap closet alternative:
    1. find the store that sells hardware for cabinet makers (marceneiros) and ask around.
    2. buy ready made armarios from pop stores. they do not last and look ugly ... I have done before. It was cheap and worth the 2 1/2 years I used it. I think I payed R$250,00!

    BTW, I am in the US, and a friend of mine told me that her friend who have just returned to Brazil bought everything on the Internet: Mercado
  8. markapple

    markapple New Member


    I am trying to communicate with bclosets. However, I think you had some very excellent comments for my condo. I bought a condo on the beach and need to furnish it. I heard bclosets were pretty good quality and not too expensive. Know how I can get ahold of them?
  9. Usha

    Usha New Member

    Hi guys,

    You are probably wondering why I am giving so many comments. Well, I am architect/interior design doing my PhD, therefore, not designing at all! But I miss it. I am also going back in January and will have to get everything new as well.

    Few hints:
    1. usually, when developers give out a name of a company, even though they are getting a cut, prices are better because of the quantity. Check if it is the case for BClosets

    2. avoid drawers in the bathroom. they may smell moldy when the apt remains closed for a while. Use baskets instead

    3. use slatted doors for ventilation

    4. if $ is not a problem, make all the shelves in Formica (laminate) matte white. It is easy to clean and avoids mold issues

    5. try aramados. They are a cheap solution for ventilated closets

    5. closet fashion in Brazil right now is sliding aluminum frame with acrylic panels

    6. cheap alternative for closet: use bamboo rolling curtains. Beware of the manufacturer. Some are a pain to roll up. they can be sliding as well.

    Below there is a picasa link for inspiration. the sketchup ones I did just for idea. They are not in a perfect scale and look cheap. The kitchen photo is from my mom's summer house. The panel curtains were done in 1989 and are still OK! The kitchen was planned to be all in brick with ceramic covering it. Inside is all white matte ceramic: 20 years old and no mold ever! The doors were supposed to be done by a cabinet maker. Instead, to save $, my mom made this "temporary" sliding panels. They have been there since!

    Picasa Web Albums - ushadigiacomo - interior desi...
  10. musicman

    musicman New Member


    I have a quote from b/closet to furnish a 1 bedroom apartment for R$32,600.This very
    expensive so I also am looking to search for other options.
  11. musicman

    musicman New Member

    Hi,I also have brought in Taiba and am looking to buy furniture,B Closets are far to expensive,go online,there are many other places there and at half the price.I am travelling there next year to buy also.What is your e mail,I will contact you
  12. aman12

    aman12 New Member

    A firm by the name of Bclosets was suggested by the developers. I am waiting for more information from them but my initial reaction is that they are very expensive.
  13. musicman

    musicman New Member

    yes you are right,they also gave me a quote..I have chosen to come to Fortaleza and buy myself,I have checked online and it seems there are many options,Bclosets want 30,000,thats half the purchase price.
  14. Casa Melucia

    Casa Melucia New Member

    Hi there

    Attention with online orders, i've ordered stuff, that never apears... after going to the police, and sending a lot of e-mails, i get the money back...
  15. musicman

    musicman New Member

    Hi,go online,there are many furniture places there,my quotes also were so expensive,half the price of my apartment.I am coming there to buy my own this year.

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