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Hi all!
My 90 year old father who suffers from dementia has recently moved into residential care. For the past 50 years my parents (married 48 years) have been living in a rented council property In south west London. They pay full rent and do not receive benefits. We have just found out that Mum (89) is not on the secure tenancy agreement. I’ve been looking at ‘succession’ in order to have the tenancy passed from Dad to her, but from all the research I have carried out it only seems to be possible if the tenant on the current agreement has actually passed away. Does anyone know where we stand legally on this - and if there is any way we can ensure that Mum can safely stay in the property that she has lived in for half a century?
I would really appreciate any advice in terms of what our next steps should be. I have not notified the council yet that Dad has vacated the property, but I’m sure they will find out soon as they are part-funding his care placement.


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This should help you:-

It seems to suggest that you can take over the tenancy if you were married.


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Hi Realdeals,

Thanks for the link! I did read it, but like all the other information I have digested so far, it only seems to refer to succession in the case of death - my father has merely moved into a care home.

In all other respects my mum fits the criteria perfectly.

Does anyone have suggestions what my next move should be?

At the moment i'm trying to avoid rattling the council's cage until I have a full understanding of my mum's rights...