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    Hi there,

    Myself (first time buyer) & my partner (second time buyer) are looking into buying a flat in Hackney, London with the view to subdivide & create a micro apartment to let - at this stage I have no idea if this is something councils allow & if so how expensive it is. I have some questions, your input is much appreciated -

    Is it possible to obtain planning permission before purchasing a property or at least understand what my chances of obtaining planning permission are ?

    How likely is it to get granted permission in the London area and are there any hard and fast rules we can abide prior to making a purchase to enhance our chances of permission? I.e minimum room/flat sizes, general policy of not allowing conversions to flats etc. Which areas of London are more likely to allow such a conversion?

    To my understanding, (& please correct me if I am wrong) these plans would equate to a ‘change of use’ - so I would need to apply for

    Planning permission - how long does this take on average and what is the cost?

    Building control permission - how long does this take and what is the cost?

    What are the other associated costs/time restraints/complications you know of ?
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    In my view the London market is like no other in the UK with different regs and different requirements. I would approach a property advisor in the London area with experience of dealing with the council you would need to deal with. They can give you the heads up on what needs to be done, what cant be done and your chances of being successful. After that you will be able to make a more informed decision and can share the feedback with members on the forum.
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    I once read that you do not have to own a property to investigate the chances of getting planning permission for it - is that really right?

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