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Studio prices in IC - Morocco

Discussion in 'Dubai property' started by pcoghlan, Jun 16, 2008.

  1. pcoghlan

    pcoghlan Guest


    I have just started to try to sell my studio in the Morocco development and would welcome any input as to its likely value. I do have it advertised as of yesterday in the properties for sale section of this website.

    The property is IC1-MOR-J7-205 and I am informed it has a view of a lake.

    The total area is 605 sq/ft and the internal area is 463 sq/ft although some documents I have show this as 479 sq/ft.

    There is an existing professional tenant that has just renewed their lease and so has 12 months to run with rent at 36k.

    I am looking to sell this quickly and am under the impression that 400k is about the right level, can anyone confirm this?

    Many thanks,

    [email protected]
    Cell: +1 561 685 1406 (USA)
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