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Studio in Reemram

Discussion in 'Dubai property' started by scorpionking, Jul 2, 2008.

  1. scorpionking

    scorpionking New Member

    Dear All,

    I need a studio in Reemram. I would also like to know the payment plan.

    Please contact me.


  2. direct2dubai

    direct2dubai New Member

    I have 2 studios in phase 2 of Remraam.
    No agents commission

    Payment plan:
    5% March 2008 (paid)
    10% July 2008 (paid)
    5% October 2008
    10% Jan 2009
    5% April 2009
    10% every three months thereafter
    25% on completion

    Email me on: direct2dubai at gmail dot com
  3. suas5

    suas5 New Member

    i will bet back on the requirement as there is lot in the market and also there is new phase launching soon
  4. direct2dubai

    direct2dubai New Member

    my bet is the new launch will be at a much much higher price and thus far no news on another launch till at least September. Who knows what prices will be like then....
  5. StudioBuyer

    StudioBuyer New Member

    Hi Direct2Dubai,

    Pls can you let me know at what price/sqft are you selling the Remraam Studios and what is the size?

  6. really_true

    really_true New Member

    I Have A Studio Too If U Are Intrested Mail Me Pm Me
  7. StudioBuyer

    StudioBuyer New Member

    Sorry really_true, I am unable to Pm you..pls could you send me a PM with the details of the studio, such as area, expected selling price, paid amount, and future payment plan. thanks
  8. Go West

    Go West New Member

    I had someone sending me an email with a studio in remramm looks good send me an email to [email protected] for me to forward you their email.
    cheers Erez
  9. shah112

    shah112 New Member

    Please let me knw wht ur details
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