Strategy advice in these circumstances??



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Dear all,

Can I ask for readers' advice on what they would do in the following scenario and in the case they would like to invest in (further) assets:

You own one property with no mortgage, valued at circa £1 million, central-ish London
Secure job, no major outgoings, debts or commitments

Would you consider it a good idea to attempt to remortgage and invest in BTL, or is the market/situation not conducive to that?

Thanks very much in advance any of your comments/suggestions!


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As (moderated do to username violation) suggested, it depends upon where you are looking to buy, the yield and the security going forward. There have been some changes in the buy to let market over the last couple of years with an increase in various taxes and expenses. However, if you invest wisely there is still good money to be made in the longer term.
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