Starting out in Real-estate investing. Need your help.



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Hello good people, I am 21 years old. Thinking of starting out my journey in this fabulous market. I am a total noob in Realestate investing. Have been in the stock market for sometime, nothing else other than that. I need you people's help in learning about Realestate investing. What should I read, where should I learn from. Anyone whom I can follow? How to start out. Things to keep in mind always. Anything, literally any small detail you can tell will be appreciated and of so much help to me and my family. Sorry for my bad english. Improving on it. :)

Thank you!


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Hi David,

I would suggest few important Tips below before investing on Real Estate.
  • Analyse your Financial Stage
  • Start Building a Strong Team
  • Create your own effective strategy on Real Estate
  • Pick a Target Market
  • Select Your Investment Property Criteria


While I agree with all of the information above, if there was one bit of advice I would give, it would be as follows:-

- Work out where you are starting from, your journey and your endpoint

Unless you have a target in mind, the endpoint of your property investment journey, you have nothing to aim for. There will be times during your property investment career when you lose faith, become despondent and perhaps lose focus. Don't, there are plenty of options out there!