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Starting a Business

Discussion in 'French Property' started by wolf, Jun 10, 2007.

  1. wolf

    wolf New Member

    Does anyone have any information on how difficult would it be to start a small business in France - bar, cocktail bar, clothes shop etc. anything that works or will make a profit?

    How difficult to hire and fire staff, tax system etc. In other words, is the French system going to make it difficult to start up a business that it would be better to start up in Spain instead, for instance?

    Also, does anyone have any useful links to agencies - not crooked - who deal in finding businesses. At the moment looking at around Perpignan. But really anywhere, preferably in the south, where I can get a foot into France and start a business so that I can get into the health system and start making an income.

    My French is a little rusty but I have a degree in the language but that was many many years ago. So I will be able to make myself understood somewhat, hopefully.

    Any information would be welcomed. Thanks.

  2. Steve Robert

    Steve Robert New Member

    Setting up a business is a nightmare in France, this is why lots of French entrepreneurs have moved abroad. I recommend looking at the , ACPE website agence pour la creation d'entreprises, IFP also have a section about setting up a business in France. This should point you in the reight direction.


  3. wolf

    wolf New Member

    Steve, thank you again for the info.

    I have a sneaky suspicion you might find yourself replying to one of my threads again.

  4. rsimmons

    rsimmons New Member

    The first thing you want to do is get into contact with a good accountant (Expert comptable).

    Another source of information would be a notaire or avocat, they will be able to provide useful information about the legal aspects of starting a business.

    You will need to contact the Chambre de Commerce et d’Industrie (CIC) deal with regisration of busineses in France

    There are some good guides for this around on IFP, Okoshken and leadingineurope


  5. wolf

    wolf New Member

    Thank you rsimmons for sending me your advice and information. I will certainly follow through on your suggestions.

    Once again, thanks for bothering to reply to my "howl" for help.

    Best wishes, wolf.
  6. kradical23

    kradical23 New Member

    You could try to operate your business solely from the Internet. that should remove many of the restrictions found with traditional brick and mortar businesses.
  7. wolf

    wolf New Member

    Thank you for your input kradical23.

    The idea of operating a business solely from the internet is not something I know anything about - I wouldn't know where to start. But I do see your point about it removing a lot of restrictions that would normally apply with traditional brick and mortar businesses.
  8. kradical23

    kradical23 New Member

    Starting your own internet business is actually alot easier than people think. First, you need to think about what you want to sell. Many people make a decent living trading off ebay. While if you did something like teach a language such as English you could advertise your services on your own website. There are currently many free webpage hosting sites. A commonly used one is wordpress which is quite user friendly.

    I would recommend looking into this a bit more. With the Internet getting more and more user-friendly year after year, it certainly is much more easier to be an Internet-savvy entrepreneur than ever now.:D
  9. CaroleBay

    CaroleBay Senior Member

    Hi There

    Running a business that is registered in France is costly, or it can keep your income within tight restraints.

    Again, expert advice, find out about all that is on offer to you. The Chamber of Commerce is a good starting point, then maybe a Tax Avocat as to the type of business and tax implications will apply to you.

    What applies to one person may not be the solution for another.

    Personal circumstances can play a part in making the decision. For example: being married and having children from a previous marriage, can have an effect. It is important to understand what could affect yourself.

    Please seek professional expert advice.

    Kind Regards
    Carole Bayliss (a registered SARL)
  10. odond

    odond New Member

    I set myself up as profession liberale last year, be wary you have to pay charges in France from the word go whether you are making any money or not...
  11. Krek.

    Krek. New Member

    Making money through the internet is not as easy as it sounds. I have several websites and can live from neither. You need to find a good 'niche', then build a good site, then get it widely known...

    Immigrated in France since 2001, there is one thing that I regret: not having kept a foothold in the Netherlands. Having an official business registered outside of France, where - if the need arises - you can outsource some of the work to keep it outside the French legal system would have been a solution to some of the problems I am facing.

    The complexity of the legal system - and the legalese language in all the documents which makes comprehension even harder - is a hindrance that is easily overcome. I have a bookkeeper whom I give all my paperwork. Well worth the extra costs.
  12. majjidpucit123

    majjidpucit123 New Member

    yes internet has enabled us to make money while you are sitting in your bed.
    but you have to work hard and for long time.
  13. DPA France

    DPA France New Member

    Hi Wolf

    Some departments (here in Dordogne for example) and the local "chambre des commerces" offer specific services aimed at helping people like yourself who wish to invest and set up in France

    For a recent example of this from 2008 visit Success in the Dordogne - Home or look at our news section on our site Dordogne Property Agency - Home

    good luck
    Last edited: Oct 15, 2008
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