Stamp duty in a LTD company

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  1. Deanb7823

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    there’s been a few things I’ve read about stamp duty laws now when operating in a ltd company, do investors have to pay SDLT on properties if they own 15 or more? I’ve also heard if you own 6 properties you wont pay an additional stamp duty on the 7th purchase? Can someone clear this up? Cheers
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  3. Longterminvestor

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    So I am a little confused - you pay SDLT on ALL company property purchases wth a higher rate over £500k?
  4. Deanb7823

    Deanb7823 New Member

    So for every investor in a ltd company regardless of the amount of property’s owned we always pay SDLT on every purchase is that correct?
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  6. Deanb7823

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    Thanks for the link, that covers the basics.
  7. John Bird

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    there are ways , quite legitimate, to pay no SDLT at all on certain residential purchases if you are a property company.
  8. lookinginvest

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    Hi @John Bird , could you expand on the ways to avoid SDLT please?
  9. John Bird

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    hi lookinginvest,
    do you buy residential properties in a limited company? if so, then in some instances you should pay no SDLT, if you've wrongly paid or overpaid you can claim a refund. have a look at (moderated).
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  10. Longterminvestor

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    In what instances might you have overpaid?

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