Spanish Property much better than other locations!

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According to the latest house price analysis from a top international firm of Property consultants the Spanish Property market isn't faring too badly compared to some other countries.

Just focusing on countries, which have experienced a year-on-year decline in house values, Spain is far from the worse affected.

At the bottom of the list are Dubai and Latvia, both with whopping 30+ percent annual decreases in house prices for Q1 2009.

Faring worse than Spain are Norway, Ireland, Denmark, Poland, Hong Kong, Estonia, UK, United States, Singapore, Dubai and Latvia with annual decreases between 9% and 36%.

Spain's modest loss of almost 7% for Q1 2009 is nothing to shout about - except that, looking at some of its neighbours - it could be a lot worse!

Although the drop over the last 2 years is of course considerably more and for UK buyers the lower exchange rate makes it more expensive than previously to buy the home you would like

But perhaps recovery is on its way and perhaps these figures illustrate that the market may be starting to level out

And if you are a life style buyer but still interested in make a good investment, then perhaps now is not a bad time to buy

Best to look for distressed sales or offers from good developers with stock to sell….but of course the location has to be good
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