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Discussion in 'Romania property' started by TomW, Sep 21, 2010.

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    I think it is worth us having a chat.

    Would you like to send a contact number to<snip>

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    I think it is a good idea to share are experiences with SPC.

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    Please do not give personal contact details on the forum It leaves you open to spammers.
    Use the private messaging system on the forum it is safer.
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    It's interesting to read about South Pacific and the experience you all have with this company.
    But, please be careful. I don't believe a word of what's coming from south Pacific. The reason is very simple, they are not serious:

    We bought in a South Pacific-project, and when we claimed South Pacific for our contractual rights they refused to accept the contract that was signed.
    We brought South Pacific to court and have won all the times. They still haven't accepted to follow the contract they have signed, even if we have several court decisions in our favour. The only choice we had was to bring our claim to the Bailiff and let them collect our claim.
    It's very time consuming and expensive to do all this, but South Pacific have no respect for the contracts they have concluded. Such people are not serious in my eyes.

    In our case South Pacific also showed contempt for the court as they appealed a court decision when they lost, and when their appeal came up in the court next time, they didn't bother to show up in court.
    I believe that they just did it to postpone our case, and they knew that they didn't had a chance in court.

    ROY CARTER New Member


    I and others are very interested. What contract was the dispute and how much was involved?

    Roy Carter
  6. tomas

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    I would prefer to not give too much details about our case, but I can say that we bought real estate in a South Pacific-project, and the amount involved was the purchase price for the real estate.

    People will have to make their own decisions in their case. I would just like to warn everybody about South Pacific. In our case we never used South Pacific and their representatives / agents when we concluded our contracts. We used a law firm independently from South Pacific that was representing our interests, and chosen by us.
    We had several cases / meetings in court, as South Pacific did what they could to postpone the case, and by time the cases.
    Their arguments in court was very hopeless after my opinion, and they never won in court. The only thing they could do was to appeal every decision made by the court, and this made our case very time consuming.

    Based on our experience I would advice everyone to be careful with making contracts or doing business at all with South Pacific. At the end of the day they doesn't care at all about their contracts if it is not in their favour.

    If you have a claim and would like to have a chance at all to collect your claim, I would recommend to use the Bailiff's office.
    Just be aware that everything costs, so you will have to expect significant costs if you want justice to prevail.

    From our side, we are no longer considering doing business with South Pacific when we consider new projects.
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    South Pacific Court Case :Sydney


    Please could you also send me your e.mail address and phone number. We bought a Sydney Villa from South Pacific. It should have been finished June 2008 but wasn't so started court proceedings to get our deposit back as stated in the contract in Jan 2009. We have now (Nov 2011) had 8 hearings and are still in the 'preliminary part of the case!' Your case may be able to lend a little help to myself and a few others I am in contact with.

    Hope to hear from you soon,

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    Start immediately the legal procedures. Members of the bar are here : Tablou Avocati - Baroul Bucuresti. Doesn't have to be an expensive lawyer, as the procedure is pretty ordinary.
    As always, 20 phone calls will give you a good impression of how the market is.
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    I guess you all know there is a supprt group, for the tens of hundreds of investors that have been ripped off by the MRI crooks?

    Darragh MacAnthony Ex-MRI Boss? | MRI-SG BLOG
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    Warning to all those dealing with the <Snip> family.

    Warning to all those dealing with the <snip> family.

    This family has a history of utilising investment funds to finance their personal lifestyles in what can only be described as a dishonest way. I can’t state that any outright misappropriation has recently taken place but I have observed it in the past.
    I do not want to drag up long past failures but be warned; these people do not know how to make money and are of highly questionable character as is evidenced by a trail of destruction leading over 15 years and impacting many individuals across many countries
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    I have removed the name of the family in the above post.
    Please read the rules of this forum

    Posts must not
    3.3.1 contain any material which is or could be defamatory in any way;

    Without giving details of where proof can be found that someone has done something illegal we cannot allow naming and shaming for legal reasons.
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    Hi all.
    Did anyone else register on the list of creditors with SP? Wondering if anyone else had heard an update.
    Any info appreciated.
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    Any one had a phone call recently .....
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    All South Pacific related companies are in big trouble! The owners of these companies (the famous P**** family) are know to flash their wealth they acquired through the money from clients. Fancy -very expensive- cars, flashy watches, and a trophy wife spending as she wishes, but in the mean time all their companies are going down the drain (all financial information is publicly available, up and until the last tax year of 2013)

    Fortunately, the owners of South Pacific are now also being personally sued by the bank that has financed their company real estate projects (BCR Bank), as the bank is now going after the their personal assets through a ”personal foreclosure” procedure.

    This is all public information. Just log on to www portal (dot) just (dot) ro, and type in the name of the owners (first/last name) or any of their companies, and all information is there. Unfortunately it is in Romanian, but just use Google translate to see the judge's rulings (if it states ”definitiv” the case is closed and ruled upon). The majority of these cases have an appeal option but it is just a matter of time until their business is wrapped up (including confiscation of their personal assets).

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