Sourcing Deals with Planning Application


Pablo La Torre

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Hello everyone!! My name is Pablo La Torre and I have some questions and would love input from the community! :)

My colleague and I are both based in Brighton and are architectural designers with a BSc in Architecture. We are getting into property development with the strategy build-to-rent and have been placing some offers for land/properties to redevelop them into HMOs. Since we have experience with planning applications working at architecture firms, we are targeting land/properties without planning applications to make a sale agreement on the condition that we get planning application accepted. My question is if we have an excess of deals accepted with planning permission, what would be the procedure we should take to be able to source the extra deals we may have to other investors?

Thank you!


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Hi Pablo. I am a developer and investor based just outside Brighton, and I am actively trying to widen my sourcing network.
It would be great to have a chat sometime about excess opportunities that you may have.


In a perfect world you would probably look to take on the ones you could afford and sell the others with planning permission. The problem being, in the current market and all of the uncertainty would there be any buyers at the moment?

However, I like the idea of conditional agreements on property ahead of planning permission. How are you approaching the task of negotiating the price?