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Discussion in 'UK Property' started by FWL, Jul 4, 2018.

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    I was surprised to learn that 98% of new homes have "snagging" issues - is this right? Surely these homes must get checked before they are signed over to new buyers?

    Also a little surprised with suggestions that some developers are blacklisting builders who put a professional finish before a rush job and quicker completion date.
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    The bit which really concerned me regarding snagging was the alleged blacklisting of builders who have a professional pride in their work and are not prepared to compromise quality of work to hit deadlines. Let’s not forget, these developments will be around for many many years to come so is there really a problem if it is a few weeks or a few months late?
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    I am not sure about 3 year tenancies - would this work both ways? If a tenant wanted to leave early would they be forced to pay up the remainder of their agreement?
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    What about the landlord if the tenant turns out to be a bad one, dosn't pay, wrecks the place etc? What sort of protection would the landlord have with 3 years tenancies?
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    While I can see both sides of the argument, I feel that the rights of landlords have been trampled on as politicians look to appease voters and keep them sweet. There seems to a general impression that all landlords are seriously wealthy when this is not generally the case. If a Labour government was ever to get in things would get even worse. Who is looking after the interests of landlords? Where is their voice in these discussions?

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